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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 24 Recap

Jiang Zhenghan asked Xia Linxi where he went this afternoon. Xia Linxi lied that the school had a project, but didn’t want Jiang Zhenghan to worry. Xia Linxi is also worried about Jiang Zhenghan’s affairs. Jiang Zhenghan said that he has a good eye and will treat Xia Linxi well. When this matter is over, the two can travel where they want.

Jiang Zhenghan received a letter from the attorney of Eckvis, and the company is preparing to start judicial procedures. Xia Linxi is worried that he will go to court. Jiang Zhenghan changed the subject and told Xia Linxi to tell himself that he didn’t want Xia Linxi to worry about him. President Xie made an appointment to see Jiang Zhenghan and asked him to take a trip to Shenzhen with himself.

There are former subordinates of President Xie over there, and he can help find evidence. Jiang Zhenghan took out some of the evidence he collected, which was helped by Professor Shi and others.

Mother Xia called to see Jiang Zhenghan, her attitude was very firm, and Jiang Zhenghan immediately broke up with Xia Linxi. Mother Xia looked down on Jiang Zhenghan. She thought that the leaked matter of the Eckweis project was that Jiang Zhenghan had a character problem, and he was not allowed to stay with Xia Linxi.

From high school to the present, Xia’s mother believed that Jiang Zhenghan’s poor conditions would not give Xia Linxi a better life. Jiang Zhenghan promised Xia’s mother that he would solve the situation in a short time and would never let Xia Linxi suffer. He hoped that Xia’s mother would believe him and he respected Xia’s mother, but he would never break up with Xia Linxi.

After class, Xia Linxi saw an increase in insulting posts about Jiang Zhenghan on the Internet. She was very worried and received a WeChat message from Jiang Zhenghan, saying that she would be away for a few days. Xia Linxi wanted to go home to see Jiang Zhenghan, but was stopped by Xu Fan. Xu Fan asked Xia Linxi to make up lessons for himself, but he deliberately took out the exercise book to embarrass Xia Linxi and asked her to write out all the answers to explain to him.

Xia Linxi was very anxious, but couldn’t get angry with Xu Fan. Zhuang Fei finally figured it out because of what happened last time, she took the initiative to help Xia Linxi out of trouble, so that Xu Fan had problems to find herself, and Xia Linxi quickly left.

When Xia Linxi returned home, she felt flustered when she saw Jiang Zhenghan packing her luggage. Jiang Zhenghan said that he was only on a business trip for a few days. If he saw Xia Linxi news, he would reply in time. He told Xia Linxi to take a good rest and pay attention to the rules of life.

When Xia Linxi came to the school, she was always upset about Jiang Zhenghan’s affairs, so Gu Xiaoman came to accompany her. Gu Xiaoman asked Xia Linxi what to do if Jiang Zhenghan could never prove his innocence, Xia Linxi had the same attitude, even if Jiang Zhenghan was accused by thousands of husbands, she would face Jiang Zhenghan together. Gu Xiaoman also said that he would always stand by Xia Linxi’s side.

Zhang Huaiwu called Xia Linxi, and the insults against Jiang Zhenghan on the Internet increased. He couldn’t go back, and asked Gu Xiaoman and Xia Linxi to find a solution together. Shen Wenyue also continued to keep in touch with Zhang Huaiwu abroad. She felt that this was a premeditated and organized online black water army. Chen Yichuan found out that 70% of the insults against Jiang Zhenghan on the Internet were navy soldiers. Xia Linxi suspects that the other 30% may follow suit, and she suggests that everyone use her name to fight back online.

Xu Zhili was very angry. He contacted Qin Yue by phone and asked Qin Yue to immediately delete Xia Linxi’s front post, otherwise Xia Linxi would also be personally attacked. Qin Yue told Xu Zhili not to touch Xia Linxi, but Xu Zhili kept threatening him and insulted him for doing little things well. Qin Yue was entangled in his heart. He selected Xia Linxi’s post and wanted to click the delete button, but thinking of what Jiang Zhenghan had said to him, he was hesitant to press the delete button.

There was a sudden rise in support for Jiang Zhenghan on the Internet, and everyone responded with posts saying that it is impossible to plagiarize with Jiang Zhenghan’s strength. Father Xia called Xia Linxi and told her that Xia’s mother had sought Jiang Zhenghan in private and forced him to break up with Xia Linxi. Xia Linxi was very sad. She was very worried about Jiang Zhenghan and had a nightmare at night to see Jiang Zhenghan breaking up with herself.

After Jiang Zhenghan came back, Xia Linxi hugged him, she was very worried about Jiang Zhenghan. Jiang Zhenghan told Xia Linxi the good news, and Eckvis posted a clarification post online, expressing an apology for Jiang Zhenghan’s affairs. Xia Linxi was very happy when she heard it. She forwarded the good news to Weibo and also sent Dad Xia to Aite. Jiang Zhenghan’s affairs finally came to an end, everyone was relieved.

Xia Linxi said that she would go to a cram school part-time job, but she promised Jiang Zhenghan to only go three times a week. She felt very self-sufficient and Jiang Zhenghan supported her. Zhuang Fei greeted Xia Linxi and sent a cup of coffee, Xia Linxi expressed his thanks.

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