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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 8 Recap

When the four of them walked on the street, only Lin Luojing was particularly embarrassed. Liu Xiuwen saw her trance, couldn’t help but ask what she was thinking? Lin Luojing said that it felt like a world away. He used to be her guard. He secretly protected her, accompanied her around the market, and bought a Qiyu sword. Now that he has returned as a prince, she accompanies him to stroll around the market, and she sighs with emotion.

The two talked and laughed, and Zhong Wumei next to him couldn’t stand it anymore. He intervened between them and found an excuse to drive her away. Lin Luojing refused to go back. Zhong Wumei’s favorability dropped desperately. The broken jar smashed and pulled Liu Xiuwen’s arm. Seeing this scene, Zhong Wumei, unwilling to show weakness, took Wen Ruyu’s hand and ran away.

Liu Xiuwen smiled and said: Although Zhong Wumei has amnesia, he still looks the same to her. Lin Luojing said angrily that they were equally childish, and the two choked at each other, angering each other. Zhong Wumei’s favorability soared, and Lin Luojing decided to stimulate him more in the future.

Zhang Ji accompanied the magpies in the kitchen to decoct the medicine, because Lin Luojing was so angry that he was in a bad mood with the magpies. Zhang Ji comforted the prince that he had only lost his memory, and when he remembered, everything would be fine. Magpie heard that the prince accompanied Liu Xiuwen on a tour of Shengjing today, but she couldn’t follow. She was worried that Lin Luojing would be bullied by Wen Ruyu.

In order to comfort her, Zhang Ji told him what the prince asked about Lin Luojing today. He said that he had a good compliment to Lin Luojing, and the prince would definitely be touched. Zhang Ji gave a box of rouge to the magpie, and the magpie was very happy.

Shan’er came to the kitchen and drove the magpie away. She wanted to put the medicine in the medicine. At this time, Xiaoyu came in and prevented her from moving. A family member hurriedly called Shan’er away, and Wen Ruyu asked her to put on makeup.

Zhong Wumei heard Liu Xiuwen say that he missed the people here, Zhong Wumei ran over and hugged him, interrupting him. Zhong Wumei jokingly said that Zhang Ji said that he and Liu Xiuwen had known each other before, and that he was the one whom Liu Xiuwen was concerned about.

Zhong Wumei changed the subject to introduce a few places to Liu Xiuwen, made up for him, pointed at the brick and said it was called Yitianzhu, pointed everywhere, and gave Liu Xiuwen serious nonsense.

Several people came to the Shengjing River arm in arm, and Lin Luojing stood by the river in a daze. Liu Xiuwen walked over and said that he knew what she was thinking and remembered the past events. At that time, he was just a guard and couldn’t protect her comprehensively, so she suffered a lot. But now it’s different. He is a prince. Although Qi Yu is not as good as Sheng Jing, he can give her much more.

Lin Luojing said that she already belonged to her. Liu Xiuwen said that he didn’t care. He had promised that she would always take care of her, no matter when she returned to him.

Liu Xiuwen was so kind to Lin Luojing, she went to take him to sleeplessly, she apologized, Liu Xiuwen said that she never had to say sorry to him, he knew her intention to do these things today, but he didn’t care.

It was already dark, and Lin Luojing was walking on the road alone. She remembered the sweet past with Zhong Wumei and his memory loss. She stood on the road in a depressed mood. Jiang Xuanyu put a cloak on her from behind to relieve her.

Lin Luojing decided to leave Shengjing and asked Jiang Xuanyu to take care of Zhong Wumei. She felt that he couldn’t think of her anymore. She said that during the recent period, she had hoped every day, but all she was waiting for was disappointment. This kind of injury was so painful that she didn’t want to experience it anymore.

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