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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 26 Recap

Chen Sidong asked Lao Bai to go to She’s house in Chuzhou, reminding him that She’s house is not the same as Dr. Niu, so be careful. Moustache came to Third Sister She and said there was a secret about Lao She. Her father didn’t die of stomach cancer. He also took out the newspaper with the news that Xiong Guoliang killed Lao She. It was Gantian who killed Lao She. Lei, his true identity is an informant, and the relationship between Gan Tianlei and Lao She is fake, and there is hard evidence that he kills his father. Third Sister She clenched her fists silently. If it was true, she would definitely make them worse off. Yang Xiaolei got news that Lao Bai’s people had arrived in Chuzhou, and they were about to do it this afternoon.

Third Sister She asked Che Lizi to meet Gan Tianlei, and the two of them were pointed at the forehead by guns. Third Sister She asked them how Lao She died. As far as she knew, it was not because of illness, but someone betrayed him. Killed him. Che Lizi said Gan Tianlei and Xiong Guoliang were former classmates, and later became police informants. Gan Tianlei was betrayed and turned away, and the two guns instantly landed on the foreheads of Che Lizi and Third Sister She.

Yang Xiaolei was ready to take action. Moustache was hysterical, but Che Lizi suddenly said that Gan Tianlei was the one he had arranged with the police, and that Lao She was killed by a member of the Tan family, and that as long as the third sister She was willing to cooperate Revenge for sure. There was a stalemate inside and gunshots came from the outside, Lao Bai came, Gan Tianlei told Third Sister She that Lao She was killed by Lao Bai, and if she believed in herself, she would go out to avenge her.

Third Sister She chose to believe in Gan Tianlei and rushed out, while Moustache hid behind her and prepared to take the opportunity to kill Gan Tianlei, but she missed it. When the police arrived, Gan Tianlei, Che Lizi and others hurriedly left. Third Sister She and Gan Tianlei apologized and said that they shouldn’t doubt him, and let Xiaobeard clean up, and they went to their hometown to meet.

Gandu. Li Ke and Xiaoyi strictly investigated the large truck that Sister Fang said. Gan Xiao Nuan came to Lu Mingsong to sign. Lu Mingsong asked her how she was in the company for a few days. Gan Xiao Nuan felt that she still had a lot to learn. Lu Mingsong said that she looked like a friend of hers, and Gan Xiao Nuan looked for a topic to talk to him. The horse team met with Yang Xiaolei and said that Xiong Guoliang repeatedly urged her to pay attention to safety. The horse team asked her how Gan Tianlei and Xiong Guoliang chose. Of course, Yang Xiaolei would not be with Xiong Guoliang. As for Gan Tianlei, wait until he gets better.

Gan Xiao Nuan leapfrogged the report, and Sister Wang quickly brought her a copy of the rules and regulations for her to study hard. Gan Xiao Nuan saw Su Ling’s name on it. Ma Lie told Ma Mugan that Xiao Nuan was very busy lately and was devoting himself to work, but the chances for them to meet were dwindling. The horse mother was too lazy to bother. Gan Xiaonuan told Chen Xiaofeng that CR Group is working on a big project, which is about drug withdrawal. Lao Bai was injured last time against Gan Tianlei and his condition was not very good. Chen Sidong reminded Tan Lao San that although Lao Bai has left Tan Po for 20 years, everyone understands Tan Po’s affection for him.

After all, Tan Biao is them. Child. Tan Laosan was very angry when he brought up this matter. If it hadn’t been for Lao Bai’s defeat to Che Lizi to drive him out of the Tan’s family, Tan’s reputation would have been ruined. Lao Bai is like this now, it’s better to send him back. A moment of Tan Po’s thoughts. They didn’t know if they used Old Bai Tan Po, Chen Sidong worried that Tan Po would take this account on them.

Mianchuan. Po Tan saw Moustache, and Moustache complained that they underestimated Gan Tianlei and Cherie. Cherie was too insidious, and all of them were generous in their shots. How could Sanjie She not be tempted. Tan Po became more and more interested in cherries, but she didn’t know what he was going to do with these shrimps and crabs. Third Sister She, Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei paid homage to Lao She, Che Lizi cried out immediately, and Gan Tianlei watched him acting silently. Third Sister She said that she must avenge Lao She, and hoped that Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei would help her. Che Lizi and Dr. Niu agreed, and Gan Tianlei agreed. Che Lizi encouraged everyone to destroy the Tan family, and Dr. Niu thoughtlessly agreed, and Gan Tianlei was speechless.

Tan Po and Tan Biao received news that someone had brought a blood-covered Lao Bai, but he refused to come in. Tan Po was very excited when she saw Lao Bai, and she fainted and asked someone to bring him in. In the room. Tan Po pulled Tan Biao and told Lao Bai that this was a little stone, and Tan Biao was puzzled. Tan Po let Tan Biao go out, and Lao Bai knew that he was his own son. Tan Po gave birth to him in Singapore after the old Bai left that year. Due to hemorrhage at an advanced age, he almost did not survive.

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