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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 22 Recap

Qin Yue fell asleep at the company drunk, and when Shi Ying saw it after get off work, she found that Qin Yue had been holding a phone in her hand. Qin Yue kept talking about drinking, saying that he really liked Xia Linxi. After hearing this, Shi Ying shed tears and said that she also liked Qin Yue.

After Xia Linxi got wet, Jiang Zhenghan told her not to pick herself up on rainy days. Xia Linxi worried that Jiang Zhenghan was angry, and said that he didn’t know that Qin Yue had been following him. Jiang Zhenghan told Xia Linxi not to have any worries, perhaps he did not take care of her. Xia Linxi didn’t think it was Jiang Zhenghan’s fault, he was not looking for a boyfriend who would protect him everywhere, nor was he looking for a nanny. Jiang Zhenghan was very happy in his heart, and personally helped Xia Linxi dry her hair, so that Xia Linxi would not be so coaxing and acting like a baby, and smirk to help Xia Linxi make up lessons at night.

Xia Linxi has questions about the project data arranged by Mr. Wu, and hopes that Shi Ying can re-investigate, otherwise the data difference will have an impact. Shi Ying didn’t want to change it, saying that she spent a lot of time in school and was more familiar with the teacher, so that Xia Linxi handed in such a leaky report.

Mr. Xie saw Jiang Zhenghan chatting on WeChat and reminded him not to fall in love at work. Jiang Zhenghan said that only when employees have a stable relationship can create more value. Mr. Xie asked Jiang Zhenghan to modify the data requested by the customer.

Qin Yue was designing the program, Xu Zhili broke into the office directly, indicating that his father was ready to invest in Lion’s company. Qin Yue knew that there must be conditions, and Xu Zhili asked Qin Yue to take Jiang Zhenghan down so that he could use it for himself. Qin Yue believes that Jiang Zhenghan is not needed at all with the conditions of the two companies. Xu Zhili thinks there is a way, he has already got the new project module of Eckvis, wanting to blame Jiang Zhenghan.

Xu Zhili wanted to list a company, but he did not allow Eckvis to surpass him. He asked Qin Yue to destroy the project Jiang Zhenghan had done. Jiang Zhenghan took over the Eckeves project. If Qin Yue could make this project ahead of time, he could frame Jiang Zhenghan and make him lose his trust in front of Eckeves. The entire industry would not hire Jiang Zhenghan because of leaks. You can let Jiang Zhenghan come to work in your company. Qin Yue knew the consequences of doing this, and he hoped that Xu Zhili would not leave Jiang Zhenghan dead. Xu Zhili used the opportunity of cooperating with Lion’s company to satirize Qin Yue’s inferiority to Jiang Zhenghan, and Qin Yue was very upset.

Jiang Zhenghan called Xia Linxi to escort Xia Linxi to school, hoping that she would be happy every day, and he would report the schedule to her in time. The two were like children hide and seek, making Mr. Xie who walked behind him look embarrassed. Mr. Xie reminded Jiang Zhenghan that the company will hold a project meeting in the afternoon. If there is no accident, the new modules prepared by them will be used. Jiang Zhenghan must check carefully and not allow any errors. Jiang Zhenghan made a vow, and Mr. Xie was very happy. He allowed Jiang Zhenghan to take a half-day holiday and let him go with his girlfriend.

Who knows that when preparing for the meeting, Secretary Huang found out that the new project studied by Mr. Xie and Jiang Zhenghan had leaked, and called Jiang Zhenghan to return to the company quickly. Jiang Zhenghan could not explain. He said that he did not do this by himself, but Mr. Cao deliberately pointed the finger at Jiang Zhenghan and accused Jiang Zhenghan of leaking product secrets in front of the company leaders and insulting him as the most trash programmer.

The company did not need to raise Such an intern. Jiang Zhenghan explained that he would not be stupid enough to upload the private key to the, and he also spent a lot of energy to modify the plan, and the private key was also held by many people. He said he would cooperate with the police, but he had a clear conscience.

Manager Liu talked to Mr. Xie privately. He didn’t want this matter to be a big deal. After all, he was worried that Mr. Xie would be affected. President Cao deliberately asked Jiang Zhenghan to tell him about President Xie, but Jiang Zhenghan ignored him. Senior Brother Qian went to Beijing University to look for Jiang Zhenghan, because this matter was spread throughout the industry, saying that Jiang Zhenghan’s behavior was corrupt and he had stolen company information, but he had not been blocked by industry leaders.

Xia Linxi was very worried about Jiang Zhenghan when he saw it, but Mr. Wu was very angry because of the project Xia Linxi group did. Once such a data report goes out, it will affect the reputation of the whole school. Shi Ying put all the fault on Xia Linxi and Xia Lin Xi didn’t give too much explanation, but showed another accurate report that she made to Teacher Wu.

Mother Xia called and told Xia Linxi to break up with Jiang Zhenghan immediately. There was no room to talk about what Jiang Zhenghan did. The future was worrying. Xia Linxi said that she has the ability to judge, and she believes in Jiang Zhenghan, no matter how difficult the future encounters, she will choose to accompany Jiang Zhenghan.

Jiang Zhenghan was removed from the internship agreement by Eckvis, and suspended for investigation. Jiang Zhenghan said that he has the ability to prove his innocence, but Manager Liu believes that it is not important anymore. No one can care about whether he is innocent or not. Let Jiang Zhenghan not be too arrogant and hope he can do it for himself. Mr. Xie asked Jiang Zhenghan to go back to school and study hard. Jiang Zhenghan said he would not admit what he had not done.

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