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The Strongest Ancestor in History

The Strongest Ancestor in History (Novel)
Other Name: 史上之最强老祖

Genre: novel, Martial Arts
Author: Yanling Xianjun
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Ten thousand years ago, he used his own power to become an insurmountable power in the eyes of others. It was even more because his ability had a profound impact on later generations. He originally thought that his life would end in glory, but he did not expect to think about it again that he would have passed through ten thousand years. Ten thousand years later, although everyone praised his great achievements, the current Xiuxian sect is simply a mob. Although he was a fool before crossing, he has the ability to make himself a god after crossing, but he doesn’t know this. How should people who have laughed at him deal with themselves!

Free Reading Highlights:
Luo Xiangtian shook his head and smiled, “I’m not afraid, but Captain Yang said, this person, don’t mess with him, he is an intractable shit stick.”

Lin Tian didn’t speak, and Luo Xiangtian continued to move forward until he arrived at the City Lord’s Mansion after a while.

At the moment in the city lord’s mansion, the dragon was in the sky, wearing white armor, and the middle-aged man even had white hair tied up like a ponytail.

When this Long Shangtian sensed Lin Tian coming from outside the city, he deliberately amplified his words there, “I said Captain Yang, what do you mean? Let others make trouble in the city? Don’t care?”

“He is a distinguished guest.” That Yang Ying didn’t put the other person in his eyes, and that Long Shangtian sneered, “Noble guest? What distinguished guest? When did our blood refine city look at the face of a foundation builder?”

“If the city lord knows his skills, I think he will agree with me to do so.” Yang Ying explained.

Long Shangtian smiled strangely, “The city lord is in retreat and will not come out for a while. Do you think it is useful to use him to suppress me?”

Yang Ying laughed strangely, “If you dare to touch him, then I will definitely fight you to the end.”

Unexpectedly, after Yang Ying was so persistent, Long Shangtian cursed inwardly, “For those who dare to hurt my Long family, I will fix it today!”

At this time Lin Tian, ​​Luo Xiangtian and others arrived. As for that Long Shangtian, as soon as he saw Lin Tian, ​​he released a powerful aura to threaten Lin Tian, ​​”How courageous, dare to beat people in the city, and dare to rob?”

Luo Xiangtian hurriedly laughed and said, “Deputy City Lord, him.”

“It’s none of your business, shut up!” The Long Shangtian stared, and Luo Xiangtian looked at Lin Tian and motioned to him to say that he didn’t know.

Ouyang Fei and Pang Shan were also there looking forward to Lin Tian’s answer. As for Yang Ying said to Lin Tian, ​​”Don’t admit it, he can’t help you!”

Just when everyone thought that Lin Tian would compromise with this dragon, or take a step back, and the sky was broad, Lin Tian said coldly, “I don’t cause trouble, but I’m not afraid of trouble! So don’t mess with me! Otherwise I don’t care if he is. Who, no matter where it is!”

As soon as these words came out, the guards nearby were shocked, and some people whispered, “This kid is so crazy, he dares to talk to the deputy city lord like this.”

“It is estimated that this kid will protect him with Captain Yang.”

“That’s right, Captain Yang will definitely protect him.”

“What the hell is this kid? Why does Captain Yang protect him?”

Everyone was very puzzled, and the Dragon Sky was first shocked and then laughed loudly, and finally looked at Yang Ying, “Captain Yang, look, look! What a crazy kid!”

Yang Ying was shocked, “In fact, he is right.”

“What do you mean?” Long Shangtian stared, and Yang Ying said, “Your nephew’s matter, I have investigated it, but he was looking for trouble in the city, and maliciously slandered him. Besides, your nephew has been oppressing geniuses in the city these years. Matter, would you not know?”

Long Shangtian didn’t expect to be trained by Yang Ying and said, “You are clearly trying to protect him, right?”

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