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Tai Chi on Oracle

Tai Chi on Oracle (Novel)
Other Name: 甲骨上的太极

Genre: novel, science, fiction
Author: Xiaopeng, Tang Yirui, and Song Zi
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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In the future world of 2058, when He Xi has just turned sixteen, he He was an ordinary student, but suddenly felt that learning was meaningless. He took the initiative to drop out of school. Faced with his mother’s arrogance, he didn’t care at all except for feeling noisy. But the original peaceful life was changed because of the oracle bones in the house. Numerous oracle bone characters and symbols are carved on the oracle bones. In the middle is part of the Tai Chi picture. I didn’t expect this to be a medium for communicating with the four-dimensional space…

Free Reading Highlights:
Pan Wen’s mansion is located in the Eastern Data Bank Center of Liuli City. This is an ordinary building with a little 18th-century castle style. Several aircraft lifts with scattered heights are slightly shabby.

There are various rooms and facilities on the facade of the building. In addition to the operating data hall for handling various network services, there are also employee entertainment centers, training rooms, equipment rooms…

The entire Eastern Data Bank Center feels just two words, mediocre. There is no trace of murderous aura, not even a guard room,

It is just like the configuration of an ordinary small company, simple and convenient, everyone is very leisurely and free, without the domineering and murderous of the multinational corporations and conglomerates.

He Xi’s whole body was taut, like a bow, and like gunpowder about to be ignited, pedestrians dodged in the places passing by.

Everyone noticed the unstoppable murderous aura spreading over him.

After entering the eastern data center, there is a cave. The main body of this building is underground. He Xi followed Jin through the doors, and finally came to the president’s room.

To He Xi’s surprise, the president’s room was full of various plants, completely different from the heavy metal style of the entire Liuli City.

The president’s chair is actually a grandmaster chair made of vines, which is quite classical Chinese style. Pan Wen in a robe is lying halfway on the wicker chair, listening to vinyl records.

Seeing Pan Wen He Xi’s emotions boiled up, he quickly stepped forward.

“Hey, be careful…” Jin reminded hastily, but it was still a little late.

He Xi was like hitting a wall, an invisible wall made of gas.

“You seem to be very anxious at heart.” Pan Wen took his teacup from the table of the Eight Immortals in a leisurely manner: “Your name is He Xi? Why is Shepard looking for you?”

“Knowingly asking! Yes, I killed your third brother, and something came at me! Don’t play these tricks with me!” He Xi instantly added the matrix and punched the wall of Qi!

Pan Wen didn’t panic at all, and his hands while pouring tea didn’t shake.

Seeing this reaction from the other party, He Xi’s fist stayed in the air: “What do you mean?”

“If you believe that I am the enemy, it will be useless to explain to you.” Pan Wen offered a cup of tea: “Drink tea first, then talk about things. I have a meeting in the afternoon. Shall we hurry up?”

This kind of indifferent and calm attitude made He Xi confused.

He Xi hesitated for a long time and took the cup of tea.

After a few teas, He Xi had already told Pan Wen and others who were sitting face to face.

Jin giggled on the side.

“Is it funny?” He Xi was a little annoyed, but faintly felt that something was wrong.

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