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Haruya Shu

Haruya Shu
Also known as: 晴雅集

Genre: Drama, love, fantasy
Guo Jingming
Guo Jingming
Release Date:
2020-12-25 ( Mainland China) / 2021-02-05 ( U.S. Network)
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  • Zhao Youting
  • Deng Lun
  • Wang Ziwen
  • Chun Xia
  • Wang Duo
  • Sun Chenjun
  • Xu Kaicheng
  • Omid
  • Lu Zhanxiang
  • Ju Xiaowen
  • Wang Qing

Frequent strange phenomena appeared in Tiandu City, and the wizards came from all sides trying to find the truth. Onmyoji Qingming (played by Zhao Youting) met the samurai Boya (played by Deng Lun), master Takiya (played by Chun Xia), and Tsuru Shouyue (played by Wang Duo) in the process of searching for the truth. The four decided to jointly investigate. Deep in the palace, the princess (Wang Ziwen) is burdened with a huge secret and is deeply involved in this mystery… but she did not expect that there is a sad past hidden behind her.

A crisis is coming quietly. At a critical moment, some people are friends, some are sweethearts, and some are peace in the world. Everyone fights to the death to protect the love in their hearts…

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