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Classmates Minus (2020)

Classmates Minus (2020)
Also known as: 同学麦娜丝 同學麥娜絲

Genre: Drama, comedy
Taiwan , China
Huang Xinyao
Huang Xinyao
Release Date:
2020-11-20 (China Taiwan) / 2021-02-20 (China Taiwan network) / 2020-11-05 (Taipei Golden)
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  • Shi Mingshuai
  • Zheng Renshuo
  • Natto
  • Liu Guanting
  • Chen Yiwen

The four high school classmates often gather in bubble tea shops to make brand and bluff after graduation, but they still have to continue to face the difficulties of life after the party: Dianfeng (played by Zheng Renshuo) is an insurance clerk, leading a meager salary and saving food. I bought a new house frugally, because my girlfriend is pregnant and will enter the life stage of marriage; engaged in the paper house industry and has a closed eye (Liu Guanting), because of the long-term care of the sick grandma in bed, she missed her marriage and wanted to seek marriage introduction I was looking for a good woman to marry; Canned food (natto) was refreshed after committing suicide by swallowing medicine, and took over the job of the household registration office, so he reunited with his goddess school flower Manas; Tianzi (Shi Mingshuai) It is a director who has not met his talents, but was chosen by a politician (Chen Yiwen) by chance to start the election…

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