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Unholy Night

Unholy Night (Manga)
Other Name: 페니스나비다, Unholy Night

Genres: manga, romance, smut
3 Completed
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14 years ago, on Christmas day, Joon-young and Eun-hyuk became step-brothers due to their parent’s remarriage. However, shortly after, their parents passed away in a car accident, and Joonyoung was left to depend on Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk was the perfect guardian and savior for Joon-young, but after an incident, Joonyoung starts to see Eunhyuk in a different light. He runs away from Eunhyuk and they end up reuniting at a hotel, 6 years later. Although Eunhyuk embraces his wandering brother warmly, the dreary look in his eyes is unlike the warmth in his arms…

On Christmas Day, 14 years ago, Joonyoung and Eunhyuk became step brothers after their parents remarried. However, their parents soon passed away in a car accident and Eunhyuk became the only person Joonyoung could depend on. To Joonyoung, Eunhyuk was the perfect guardian as well as savior. But upon a certain incident, Eunhyuk’s existence took on a different meaning to Joonyoung. That incident had Joonyoung leaving Eunhyuk’s side as if he was running away, and now that 6 years have passed, he ends up reuniting with Eunhyuk at a hotel. As Eunhyuk, who had desperately looked for Joonyoung, finds and warmly hugs his little brother, his eyes show nothing but iciness unlike the warmth of his embrace…

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