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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 15 Recap

In the middle of the night, Wang Yueyue got up to drink water and found many missed calls on his mobile phone, and immediately rushed to the police station to find the prince and Ye Xiaobai. The police gave everyone a lesson and reminded them to call the police after clarifying the matter. The two went outside to persuade Gao Shan to reconcile with Guan Yihe. Gao Shan explained that Wang Yueyue gave him the room card. The prince was angry that Gao Gaoshan said that his daughter had done a lesson.

Guan Yihe and Ye Xiaobai rushed to call the prince father. , Gao Shan suddenly became confused. Ye Xiaobai changed the subject and handed the room card to Gao Shan, so that he could go and see the birthday surprise Wang Yueyue had prepared for him. Guan Yihe apologized as soon as he heard that he had misunderstood Gao Shan, and fled the scene with Ye Xiaobai.

Guan Yihe made an appointment with the bank to take three million as a penalty. Hearing the news on the radio that the stock market turmoil will affect companies that rely on overseas assets, it is speculated that there are certain banks for investment banks.

Gaoshan didn’t expect that someone would remember his birthday. When he walked into the room and saw the balloons and cakes full of the room, he was a little moved. It turned out that Wang Yueyue saw that he was not sleeping well, so he chose the best bed evaluated online for him .

Guan Yihe brought three million to the company to pay three million, and Mr. Cui once again retained him, but Guan Yihe thought that he had received far more than three million, and would never reveal the company’s secrets even if he was not in Fengsheng.

Gao Shan pulls Guan Yihe aside to ask why he was beaten. Guan Yihe apologizes again. Gao Shan is curious about why Guan Yihe left Fengsheng. Although Guan Yihe didn’t say who he was for, he still revealed it for love. Gao Shan didn’t expect that someone Guan Yihe who values ​​output ratio would leave Noah’s Ark like Fengsheng for women, wondering who the woman next to him is.

Guan Yihe and Ye Xiaobai walked into the house talking about the indemnity, and saw a picture of the baby stuck in the house, and Liu Shumin also offered to move in to take care of them. Ye Xiaobai knew that Liu Shumin was heartbroken to herself, so he couldn’t refuse.

Zhao Jinzi’s credit card was disabled by his father, so he had to go to an intermediary company to find Liu Xia. It happened that Liu Xia’s team was receiving customers. Zhao Jinzi used his expertise to help Liu Xia sell two properties, and then proposed to work in an intermediary company. Liu Xia thought she There is no need for a daughter to suffer a crime outside and persuade him to go home. It happened that Guan Yihe also received a call from Mr. Zhao, hoping to help persuade Zhao Jinjin to go home.

Because Liu Shumin moved to the house, Ye Xiaobai couldn’t work overtime at night, so she quietly handed over the matter to Wang Yueyue to help report to Mary. One day, Ye Xiaobai helped Wang Yueyue sort out the recent market data sheets and hurriedly got off work. When Wang Yueyue walked to the elevator to take her off, she happened to collide with Gaoshan.

The expressions of the two suddenly became a little unnatural. After Gaoshan recovered, he asked Wang Yueyue for the data sheet. Wang Yueyue immediately copied the data sheet to him. One copy. Afterwards, she told Ye Xiaobai of the matter. Ye Xiaobai thought that Mary was incompatible with the mountains and waters. After the matter was known to Mary, Wang Yueyue might be put on small shoes.

Liu Shumin took care of Ye Xiaobai carefully, and asked everyone to keep a distance from Ye Xiaobai when answering the phone, and went to the hospital to ask the doctor how to regulate his body. Guan Yihe and Ye Xiaobai were miserable by Liu Shumin. At night, the two quietly ate barbecues in order to understand. Guan Yihe arranged for Liu Shumin to do wedding invitations and other things, hoping that his mother would be distracted. Ye Xiaobai also found the sunset red dance team in the community and recommended Liu Shumin to join the dance team.

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