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The Sumi Tower of the Nine Palaces

The Sumi Tower of the Nine Palaces (Novel)
Other Name: 九宫天阙之须弥楼

Genre: novel, history
Author: Xuan’er
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Chang Hu’er is a member of the empress dowager Chang. Just because the empress dowager gave the prince’s biological mother to death according to the ancestral system, the prince held a grudge against him and sent Chang Hu’er’s grandfather Liaoxi Wang to prison. The youngest son of the family did not forget Chang Hu’er. Not only did he rescue the King of Liaoxi from the prison, he also insisted on marrying Chang Hu’er. Can Chang Hu’er marry her older brother Qiu successfully?

Free Reading Highlights:
There was a strong wind this night, and there were few lights on the road, but there was still a line of carts rushing on the road. This place is near Pingcheng Fangshan. There are many white poplars under the mountain. The white poplars are tall and sturdy. At this time, they were almost folded by the wind. The leaves of the trees clashed, and the leaves fell on the ground.

A corner of the embroidered curtain was lifted, and a young girl’s face appeared behind the car window, beautiful as a spring peach. She looked for a moment, lowered the curtain, turned back to an old woman in Chinese clothes sitting in the middle of the car and said, “Auntie Lv, look at this day, it’s really unfortunate, don’t rain.”

The old woman sighed, her hair color was creamy, her eyes were full of wrinkles, but she could still see the color of the past. The horses and carts were bumpy, but she was still sitting as usual. “Hu’er, but has arrived at Lingquan Pond? If so, it will be a short while before he can enter Pingcheng within an hour. As far as I can see, Master Qiu must have come out to welcome you.”

The young girl was dressed in a rouge shirt, although she had not applied cream powder, her cheeks were instantly red when she heard what the old woman said. “Auntie Lv, you didn’t even look at it. How did you know that you were in Lingquan Pond?” She opened the window to look out again and smiled, “Really, I remember that there are 100-year-old white poplars next to it. Ah, There must be the Lingquan Temple. I remember that when I left the capital, I had never cultivated so magnificently. Aunt Lv, I said let’s go to Guangning Mojia Mountain first, and worship the Queen Mother, you must rush in. Jing. Look at the weather, if it rains, it will be somehow!”

The old woman was silent, but she couldn’t help but lifted the curtain. Under the cover of the white poplar, the lake was clear. If it weren’t for thunder and clouds tonight, the water would definitely be like a bright moon. The old woman sighed and murmured: “Lingquan Temple has been rebuilt. It is very different from the previous ones. Hu’er, look at the glazed tiles on the top. I remember that there were only five-color glazed tiles in the Luyuan Garden. The water hasn’t changed at all. I used to go back and forth with the queen mother and her old man didn’t know how many times she had walked. I still remember the first time I came back to this capital, when I was young, crying and walking with everyone, neither I know what happens when I enter Beijing…”

When the girl heard her say this, her expression was very excited. At this time, she dimmed and said in a low voice: “I heard that Aunt Lu said that the first emperor destroyed the kingdom of Yan and moved tens of thousands of people into Pingcheng. How many people died. The queen mother was also in the palace at that time, and her family was scattered.”

“Oh, that is a good fate for the queen mother. When entering the palace, she met Feng Zuo Zhaoyi, who was the first emperor at the time. When Feng Zuo Zhaoyi entered Wei as his concubine, Yan Guoshang made friends with Da Wei. She knew that she was an old man from Liaoxi by hearing the accent of the queen mother. , She was very responsive, and later introduced her as the emperor’s nurse.” The old woman sighed, “After the emperor ascended the throne, she followed the story of the empress dowager Shihui, first sealed the empress dowager, and then the empress dowager. It’s just that we are not better than the empress dowager. Good fate…”

The girl was taken aback, and said, “Why did Aunt Lv say that? The queen mother, her old man, was honored as the queen dowager as a nurse. Except for the queen dowager Dou before the first emperor, there is really no one else to compare. The queen dowager Dou died, and the first emperor chased after her. The posthumous name’Hui’, and she repaired the mausoleum for her, the same is true of the queen dowager who pursued her posthumous post as’Zhao’, and the mausoleum system is generally comparable to that of the queen mother.”

A smile suddenly appeared on the old woman’s lips, but the smile was extremely chaotic. “That’s because there is no sister like Princess Huayin around the first emperor. Empress Dowager Hui naturally said in the harem.

The girl’s eyes rolled and said: “The eldest princess Huayin? I naturally know that she is the first emperor of the dynasty to be officially canonized as a princess. She is the sister of Emperor Taizong, who helped him ascend the throne and has great prestige. Later Emperor Taizong replaced her. Lizongmiao is very noble.” She said that, and suddenly lost her voice, “Auntie Lv, you want to say, because the emperor has the princess of Qingdu next to her, so…so the queen mother died early?”

She hadn’t spoken yet, only the sound of the wind outside the car rose sharply, accompanied by the cry of Ye Xiao, as if someone was laughing strangely outside. Unconsciously, the girl shrank back. The old woman glared at her and said, “Hu’er, now we are going to return to Beijing to live. Your marriage to Master Qiu was gifted by the emperor, and was also graced by the emperor. I’m the prince of Nanyang County, you can’t talk nonsense at home than before. Can you hear me?”

Feeling wronged, the girl whispered: “You didn’t say Aunt Lu.”

“Hu’er, you have to understand that since the death of the Queen Mother, Chang’s family is no longer comparable to before.” The old woman sighed, “A few years ago, your grandfather was guilty of greed and exonerated Dazai. …”

Chang Hu rushed and said, “But, isn’t the emperor summoning Grandpa back to Beijing this time? It must be the reinstatement of Grandpa. What’s more, grandpa is also the King of Liaoxi.” She saw the old woman’s face again with that difficulty. With an indescribable smile, he said, “Auntie Lv, if you have anything to say, you might as well tell Hu’er!”

The old woman smiled and said, “Hu’er, Master Qiu still remembers you, so he specifically asked his father to ask the emperor to marry you, so you can just marry you well. You don’t need to pay attention to other things. Up.”

Chang Hu Ying’s lips curled slightly and said, “I don’t really know. The emperor always thinks of the empress dowager’s nurturing feelings, but the prince hates the empress dowager for giving Li Guiren to death, so he always finds the faults of our Chang family. A few years ago His Royal Highness rectified the administration of officials. There were too many corrupt officials in the world, so he took his grandfather to operate and moved to Dunhuang. If he cannot be pardoned, he is not allowed to return to the capital…”

The old woman yelled and said: “What Li Guiren is the Empress Yuan! The Queen Mother gave the Empress Yuan to death, that is, according to the Great Wei Zu system, where the prince is established, the birth mother must die. What is the grudge between the Queen Mother and the Yuan Empress!” At this point, the old woman didn’t know what she thought of, as if she wanted to say something, but swallowed it back, and finally turned into a long sigh. “Even if the Queen Mother does not grant the Yuan Empress to die, some people will never allow her to live, what do you know!”

Chang Hu bowed his head for half a day and said, “Since Grandpa got his will, he rushed back to the capital first, and brought a lot of rare things, and prepared a lot of local products in western Liaoning. Is Grandpa planning to go to Feng Zhaoyi’s place…”

“Say you are stupid, you are not stupid enough.” The old woman nodded and said, “Yes, when the queen mother enters the palace, she is often taken care of by Feng Zuo Zhaoyi, and she naturally assists Feng Zuo Zhaoyi’s niece, um, now It is also Feng Zuo Zhaoyi, which is a coincidence. If the eldest princess cares about the current queen, the emperor does not like Feng Zhaoyi… However, Feng Zhaoyi is always the foster mother of the prince. The prince is pure filial piety, if Feng Zhaoyi said something, he would not violate his mother’s will.”

Hearing what she said, Chang Hu liked it, and laughed: “Auntie Lv, I heard that it was the Emperor’s Dragon Boat Festival in the next couple of days. The dragon boat ride on the water must be very lively and interesting. No. If I know if I have such a blessing, I can go and take a look. I have lived in Dunhuang for a long time. Although it is a large county in Hexi, it is better than Pingcheng. It is the capital of the capital. The treasures of the world are here. Now I am a country girl. Although the Meng emperor has sealed the county king, I don’t know if it will be ashamed!

The old woman smiled slightly and said: “Why would your son Qiu not take you? Qiu Dun is the noble surname of the emperor, it can be said to be extremely prominent. Your marriage is very good. I pray for Buddha every day. If our Chang family can be well, this is a good thing. What’s even more rare is that you and the young man Qiu are in love with each other, and the queen mother, who knows her well in the past, is equally happy.”

Chang Hu’s face was flushed, and he said, “Auntie Lv, don’t say it!” Seeing the old woman staring at her, she smiled so lovingly and warmly in her heart, so he said, “Thank you so much Aunt Lv. Grandpa has been talking for a long time. Who, that and who, it’s still Aunt Lv.

You must say that Hu’er must marry someone he likes, not just for the family and let me marry someone by mistake. Aunt Lv eats fast at home and never goes out, if it’s not for worrying about me, Where can I be so exhausted to accompany me back to the capital. Thanks to our Duke Dunhuang, now he has done a lot of battle, and he can still speak.”

She said she lowered her eyelashes, she was very shy, and said: “Although I met Master Qiu before and played with him when I was young, it is always an early thing. I don’t know…I don’t know he remembers that way. Me, there are so many women in the capital, but he…”

Before her words fell silent, she suddenly heard a horse hiss in front of her, which was extremely sad. I heard the exclamation of several people again, but only screamed and turned aside. Chang Hu was taken aback and exclaimed, “Steward Chang!”

It was originally the regular housekeeper who brought the Congren to Beijing with her. Her grandfather was originally the king of Liaoxi, and Chang Hu had just named Nanyang County Lord. He was not small, and there were dozens of people in this line. At this time, there was no sound outside and no one responded.

The old woman has also changed color and said: “What’s the matter?”

The carriage suddenly sank to the side, and Chang Hu lost his voice: “What’s the matter with the horse?” He couldn’t help but went out to look. This look only scared her to scream. It turned out that the horse in front had been chopped in two, but the person who started it was too fast. At this time, the horse fell to the ground, even with the carriage crooked to the side.

“Auntie Lv, be careful!” Chang Hu saw the carriage strayed, and the old woman also fell to the side, ignoring herself, and hurried to help her.

The carriage fell to one side, and Chang Hu also hit the wall of the carriage. He was dizzy and dizzy. After a while, he became sober and helped the old woman to get out of the carriage slowly.

As soon as she came out, her eyes widened and Hua Rong turned pale. Although she is young and shallow, she can see that all the people with her are dead, lying on the ground, motionless. Chang Hu trembled: “Auntie Lu…this, they…they…”

Before the old woman answered, she heard a burst of laughter, but it came from the top of her head. When the two looked up, there was one person standing on a tree, dressed very strangely, but exposed a pair of feet, with dark skin and mottled patterns on his calves. Chang Hu looked at the man’s face again and screamed in surprise. He saw his green face, his eyes like lamps, and his eyes were like a Raksha ghost.

“Your Excellency…Where is your sacred one?” The old woman’s voice was also trembling, and she put her arms around Chang Hu, and asked, “Why kill me and other people who accompanied me?”

The green-faced man laughed strangely, just like a cry, extremely ear-piercing. “This king is good at eating human flesh and blood, and wants to win a feast for thousands of people. Just now I heard this woman talking in the car, her voice is like a crowing, and when I saw it at this time, she looked like a flower, and she came to me for a feast of thousands of people. Isn’t the number just right?”

Chang Hu was so scared that he was so frightened that he laughed strangely when he saw the ghost face, Rakshasa flew down from the tree, stretched out a hand to grab her, screamed, and his eyes went dark, and he knew nothing. .

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