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Mengbao is not allowed to run

Meng Bao drives to pet mommy is not allowed to run (Novel)
Other Name: 萌宝驾到宠溺妈咪不准跑

Genre: novel, Romance
Author: Xia Leshui
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Yan Ruoxi and Fu Dongli, and the author tries to move people with affection. When the novel becomes more attractive to readers, the outline of the novel content: Yan Ruoxi has liked Fu Dongli a long time ago. At that time, he was not Yan Ruoxi’s best friend’s boyfriend, but he hadn’t waited for her to tell her this intention. Fu Dongli, he had already appeared in front of her as a girlfriend and boyfriend. So Yan Ruoxi’s love ended, but I didn’t expect that it was perfected the day before Yan Ruoxi got married, and Fu Dongli appeared again. This time Yan Ruoxi’s life was completely rewritten.

Free Reading Highlights:
Du Chen told me that Xi Linzhi used to refuse to acknowledge the existence of Xi Mu in order to protect his reputation, but secretly gave Xi Mu money. It was not until the death of his son that he had no heir, so he came to Xi Mu and asked Xi Mu to recognize his ancestors. Return.

However, Xi Mu could not mention the existence of his own mother. Instead, he wanted to treat Zhou Qi as his own mother. He told the outside world that Zhou Qi had given birth to twins before, but they were sneaked away shortly after they were born. Xi Linzhi looked for it. It took more than twenty years to find it.

Xi Linzhi promised many benefits, but Xi Mu refused to agree. He would rather continue to be his gangster than the heir of the Xi Group. Xi Linzhi became ill of this angrily.

Regardless of Xi Mu, the two sides were deadlocked for three years.

And just a few days ago, Xi Mu suddenly compromised and agreed to recognize his ancestors and return to the clan. Xi Linzhi was overjoyed and announced the news. Then today, Xi Mu will hold a banquet for Xi Mu in the hotel, which is to formally introduce to the Beicheng noble circle. The existence of Ximu.

The situation Du Chen said made me feel mixed. Why did Xi Mu suddenly compromise? Is it to help me? Why did he let me go to the banquet?

Suddenly I didn’t want to go, but Du Chen insisted on sending me there, saying that it was Xi Mu’s meaning.

When I got off the car at the hotel, I saw Xi Mu walking in a straight suit, different from the previous gangsters. When he saw me, there was an amazing light in his eyes, and then he took me like a prince. Hand, kissed the back of my hand, and said, “My princess, you are so beautiful!”

Xi Mu is really good at teasing girls, and I can’t help but my ears are red.

At this time, I felt a lingering gaze falling on me. I looked up and saw Fu Dongli coming from a distance, staring at this place, and Lu Xiaowei holding his arm, her head intimate Lean on his shoulder.

My heart was tight. I wanted to withdraw my hands. Seeing how close they were, I suddenly didn’t want to pull my hands, so I let Ximu take him and walked into the hotel lobby.

Seeing Xi Mu, Xi Linzhi greeted him with joy. When he saw me, his brows frowned, “Who is this?”

“My woman.” Xi Mu didn’t explain much, and took me into the table.

Fu Dongli and Lu Xiaowei came in and sat at the table next to us.

At the beginning of the banquet, Xi Linzhi came to the stage and talked with tears about how hard it was to find Ximu these years. He was so emotional that many people cried. If I didn’t know the inside story, I was afraid I would be moved.

Xi Linzhi called Xi Mu to come on stage and said something to everyone.

Xi Mu started to say normal polite words, but at the end, he looked at me and said loudly, “Today is the most important moment in my life for me, because I want to tell someone I love The long-time girl proposes.”

As soon as the voice fell, everyone was shocked.

He walked to me, knelt on one knee, took out a shiny diamond ring in his hand, and looked up at me, “Miss Wen Qing, I love you for many years, please marry me, okay?”

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