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Heroes in Troubled Times

Heroes in Troubled Times (Novel)
Other Name: 乱世英雄寞

Genre: novel, history
Author: Moshang Ran
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Today’s emperor is called Liu Hong. He is not the first emperor’s biological son, but the first emperor’s nephew. After the death of the first emperor, he was only twelve years old and sat on the throne of the emperor. Apart from going to the morning dynasty every day, he spent the rest of his time watching the fish swimming around, and he was also infatuated with the woman in the harem under the arrangement of other people.

Free Reading Highlights:
“Hey, since this eldest brother asked, then I will tell you.” The boy dressed like a classmate walked to the table of the questioning man with a wine glass, and everyone gave a place. The boy was not hypocritical and generous. After sitting down, the boy asked, “Looking at how big brothers are dressed, shouldn’t they be Han Chinese?”

“Yes.” The headed man picked up a bowl of wine and said, “Qiu Liju, a native of Xiawuhuan, these are the brothers who are eating with him.”

“Oh, fortunate to meet you!” Although the young man is not big, but with a calm atmosphere, he said with a smile on his face: “In Shimoda Feng, the character Yuanhao, the ancestor lives here, that is my brother Geng Wu Wei.” The young boy in Jin Yi stood up and bowed to the crowd, and everyone quickly got up to return the bow.

Tian Feng picked up a peanut and threw it into his mouth and said: “Presumably, the elder brothers have also seen it. Now the city is under martial law, and Xu Jin is not allowed to leave because it has something to do with one thing. More than a dozen soldiers were killed. I heard that in addition to these dead, three others were present at that time. Well, to be precise, three dying men were present.”

“The dying person?” Qiu Liju’s face was plain.

“Yes, these three are three brothers. The boss I know is Zhang Jiao. He was originally a poor scholar. This year, he was admitted to Maocai in Zhongben County, but there may be some ulterior secrets between the Chen family and the prefect. Mao Cai’s place was finally taken away by Chen Peng of the Chen family. Later, Zhang Jiao and Chen Peng clashed outside the county guard house. The three brothers were all pierced into the chest by Chen Peng with a sword.”

“Hey, it’s really pathetic.” Qiu Liju sighed.

“Yeah, it is difficult for the poor family to get ahead. This role finally had hope, but was ruined by the Chen family like this.” Tian Feng toasted and said with a look full of regret: “There may be no way out of the world. Well, the three brothers disappeared in the end, no one was alive, no corpse to be seen! In the end, only Chen Peng and a dozen soldiers were left outside the county government!”

Tian Feng suddenly lowered his voice and whispered: “No one knows where they went, and no one knows who killed the soldiers and Chen Peng. According to the corpse inspector, these people may not even know how they died. , Because these people’s facial expressions remain at the last moment before death, their faces are calm, and some have smiles.”

Qiu Liju asked immediately: “Where are these people fatally injured?”

Tian Feng held the hip flask and looked at it carefully, and slowly said, “Head, it’s off!”

Qiu Liju took a breath, his face was shocked. He himself was a martial artist. According to Tian Feng’s words, it was inferred that this was someone who separated the corpses of these people in an instant. This is how fast it takes to make these. People, there is no reaction at all.

Qiu Liju thought he couldn’t do it. Qiu Liju looked at the others around him and was as shocked as himself.

Tian Feng didn’t look up, he said with a playful smile: “It seems that Brother Qiu has thought of something.”

Qiu Liju regained his senses and nodded and said: “Although I am not a Central Plains martial artist, I know a little bit about the Central Plains martial arts master, but I have never heard of anyone who can have this speed!”

“Then it is a god.” Tian Feng picked up the glass and drank it.

“This, maybe.” Qiu Liju didn’t know what to say.

“I don’t know how long this martial law will be until the end of the martial law. If you are in no rush, you have the right to stay here. You don’t have to worry about money, money, and money. There are other things in the next. Let’s say goodbye!” Tian Feng finished saying goodbye. , Qiu Liju and others also quickly got up and sent them off.

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