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Wolf on the Brocade

Smoke on the cake (Novel)
Other Name: 锦上狼烟, Wolf Smoke on the Brocade, Wolf on the Brocade

Genre: novel, History
Author: Xiao Long Bao
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Nie Xun is a prince of Jingan, who has been swayed from generation to generation. He has listened to the admonitions of saints since he was a child, and has always regarded the word “loyalty” as his life belief. And many years later, the fiancee who was killed by him as a “rebellious” once again led the 60,000 dead souls to climb back from the depths of hell, but how should the country and the people’s livelihood choose?

Free Reading Highlights:
When the people in the room heard the movement, they raised their heads from under the lamp, and the dim light hit half of his cheeks, turning out an icy luster-it was a cold iron mask, which was tightly shielded from the forehead to the bridge of the nose. A pair of lips as thin as a blade was exposed.

The guard with a knife saw him more respectfully than Lord Ding, holding his fists and saluting: “Young Master.”

The man in the mask waved his hand and said gently: “Okay, you don’t have to be so polite outside. You have been running around with Master Ding over the years, and it has been hard.”

The guard dared to say “hard work” to him, and he was too busy to say something polite. The named Ding Ye slapped his thigh and cut off the conversation first: “Isn’t it? Just in the Spring Wind Tower, Brother Tang also made a big show. Skilled, throwing out the two watchdogs in the trouble, it is majestic.”

Guard: “…”

The guard’s surname is Tang, and he has a single name. Although he is dressed as a trader who walks north and south, he always stretches his waist subconsciously no matter how he walks, sits or stands. The whole person is like a steel spear, and he looks exactly like Zhuo Xun. They all came from the profession.

The man in the mask glanced at Tang Zheng, and his smile was quite similar to that of the Oiran lady in Chunfenglou. The only difference is that in front of Wen Lingbo, Tang Zheng’s face is not red or heartbeat, but when he arrives in front of this “Young Master”, he dare not take a mouthful, staring straight at the tip of his nose with both eyes, standing together Pant of human flesh.

Just listen to the “Young Master” saying: “It turns out that General Tang is so prestigious, but unfortunately it is not convenient for me to show my face and missed a good show. In other words, you are looking at other girls beautiful and deliberately saving the beauty, right?”

Tang Zheng’s face that was impenetrable to the wind and water was flushed from the inside to the outside. Just now in the Chunfeng Tower, he threw the two troublemakers downstairs, without blinking his eyelids, just like a mighty tiger, but now, he is trembling on the spot, alive and out of the way that his master teased him at a loss. House cat.

Ding Ye smiled and sighed: “Okay, your subordinates, Brother Tang, are the most honest. It just so happens that you like to tease him the most. Later, Brother Tang’s skin is cooked, we can directly scald the eggs.”

Tang Zheng: “…”

This analogy is really refreshing and eye-opening.

The young master teased Boringzi enough, and finally waved his hand compassionately. Tang Zheng was like a beast who had finally gotten out of trouble, hurriedly escaping, the posture of oiling the soles of his feet, lest he was a step slower, he would be torn off by which five elements are unscrupulous goods.

He escaped with his front feet, and Master Ding leaned on the table with his hind feet smiling, and shook his head while laughing: “Brother Tang has offended you, he has to tease him every time he meets. If this goes on, he won’t dare to see you anymore. .”

The young master gave him a cool look, which meant something like “Aren’t you also helping to coax the rice seedlings, pretending to be a good person?”

Master Ding laughed like a trembling “pine branch”, finally gasped, picked up the teapot and poured himself a cup of hot tea, poured it in two or three mouthfuls, and finally got back to business: “You said you, your body and bones are like this, what can’t you do? Let Mr. Yan do it for you? Do you have to take this muddy water yourself?”

The young master just wanted to speak, but he opened his mouth full of cool breeze. He covered his mouth with his cuffs, coughed several times, and said intermittently: “There is news from the capital…cough cough, our business has leaked out of the wind, on the throne The one who threw the hot potato to Jing’anhou was afraid that he was going to grab our handle.”

Ding Ye patted his thigh: “What do I say… You don’t know, He Kangping came to Chunfeng Tower today, and as soon as he entered the door, he had a face-to-face meeting with the deputy Zhuo next to Jinganhou. He was almost frightened on the spot. Let the bustard send me a message, don’t show up in the Chunfeng Tower for the past two days, in case you run into the group of black crows, but it’s a big trouble, you can’t get rid of it.”

The young master let out a “Well”, holding the tea lamp cover in his hand, and tossing it like a pill up and down: “Zhuo Xun is the first lieutenant next to Nie Xun, and he is regarded as the right arm of Nie Xun. It seems that Jing’an Hou was cruel and wanted to beat us.”

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