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Man in the Game

Man in the Game (Novel)
Other Name: 局中人小说, Juzhongren Novels

Genre: novel, history
Author: Liu Yu
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Shen Fang is Shen Fang from the Intelligence Office of the Kuomintang Military Reunification Headquarters. In order to find out the undercover of the Communist Party and be ordered in danger, he discovered his brother. Shen Lin’s identity is what the Communist Party wants to do. After experiencing family affection and responsibilities, he finally worked with his brother for the victory of New China.

Free Reading Highlights:
Shen Fang stood on tiptoe, pulled down the chandelier in the corridor, and then pulled off the wire of the chandelier, used his teeth to pull the copper wire out of the outer skin and screwed it together, took off his clothes, wrapped the copper wire, and inserted the copper wire Into the switch contact of the electric box.

At that moment, sparks flew, Shen Fang was hit by the electric and fell to the side, and the prison uniform in his hand was scorched. At the same time, the wires were short-circuited and the lights went out suddenly.

In the front hall, all the prisoners were still playing nursery. The prisoners who had finished the battle walked into their cell, and the hall was still a mess.

The several doctors who injected the injection made eye contact with each other, and they seemed a little anxious. The sweat on their foreheads concealed their panic.

Suddenly, the lights went out, and only natural light from outside came in through the tall windows, and the light in the cell dimmed instantly.

“Why do you want people to live? Don’t even give electricity…”

“That is, Lao Tzu has suffered everything. Who is tossing about…”

A prisoner screamed and complained. Suddenly someone seemed to have a black hand. After a scream, the man said, “Who the hell beat me? Grandson, don’t let me find you…”

“Yao Wu, you bastard, right now, right now… Brothers from Chengguan, fight this gang of unseeded…”

In the darkness, shouts came and went one after another.

The sheriff quickly said to the doctors: “Forget it, don’t get the vaccine, stop now.”

While speaking, the opponent shouted: “Let them stop moving, be honest. Notify the prison guards in other prisons to come and strengthen.”

The guard next to him responded and ran away hurriedly.

After a short shock, Shen slowly woke up, and he staggered out of the darkness. In the crowd, he saw Xiao Cai walking out with Old Tang.

At this moment, a prison guard spotted them, and then followed them cautiously. The guard’s hand grabbed the gun at his waist. Shen Fangxin mentioned it in his throat. However, he saw a person coming out diagonally from one side, holding a wooden stick in his hand, and a stick knocked out the prison guard.

After borrowing the light from outside, he could see clearly that that face was Wu Yuanpu. And Wu Yuanpu didn’t seem to find him, and then left quickly.

Shen Fang saw Xiao Cai and Old Tang walk into the infirmary, then turned and walked in the opposite direction.

Taking advantage of the chaos, several doctors rushed out of the cell by pushing the beds, the back door of the ambulance opened, the doctors loaded the things into the car, and by the way, they carried the beds into the car.

With the car door closed, a doctor yelled to drive quickly, and everyone in the car took off their masks and breathed a sigh of relief.

The ambulance was launched and drove towards the prison gate.

This movement quickly alarmed Shen Lin. He heard the noise outside the house and asked Li Xianghui: “What’s the matter?”

Li Xianghui went out to check. After a while, he hurried in and told Shen Lin: “It was the prison that had tripped and it was undergoing maintenance. However, the trip caused riots among prison inmates. I’m afraid we will have to wait to leave. The prison guards are maintaining order. …”

Shen Lin obviously had doubts about this reason, and said coldly: “I remember that I just allocated funds for repairs to the prison last month, and it tripped today. The warden’s hands and feet are not clean enough. Check the accounts of their repair works. .”

Li Xianghui hesitated when he heard the words, he hesitated and said, “The warden here is a relative of the city police chief. I’m afraid…”

“What are you afraid of? No one can stop me from the things I want to investigate.” Shen Lin interrupted him in the middle of his speech, and then he nodded.

Through the window, Shen Lin saw the noise in the prison yard. The ambulance was driving towards the prison gate. He thought for a few seconds, as if he had found some clues, and suddenly reacted: “That’s from the Red Cross. Car?”

Li Xianghui looked over and replied: “It should be.”

Shen Lin was in a hurry, rushed to the door, and at the same time shouted to Li Xianghui: “Quickly, call the guard and stop them.”

Li Xianghui didn’t react a little. He was on the second floor, and he stood at the door and shouted at the bottom: “Stop that ambulance!”

The prison guard checked the car without any problems, opened the door, and prepared to let the car go out. At this moment, Shen Lin rushed over with Li Xianghui.

“Stop the car for me.”

The road gate ahead was pulled down quickly, and the prison guards quickly surrounded the car.

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