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Great Song Shu Merchants

Great Song Shu Merchants (Novel)
Other Name: 大宋蜀商, The Shushang of the Song Dynasty

Genre: novel, History
Author: Li Youxun
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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In the early days of the prosperous Great Song Dynasty, Wang Changyi, a wealthy businessman in Chengdu, Sichuan, who was one of the Shilijiaozi shopkeepers of the “Land of Abundance”, became a key figure in promoting the economic development of the Song Dynasty, relying on his unique insights to promote The Shu merchants’ trading operations took advantage of the opportunity to make trade-offs and lead the Song Dynasty into an unprecedented heyday…

Free Reading Highlights:
Wang Changwu, who was sent by his third younger brother, as described by Wang Changyi, went all the way to Mulan Villa, Phoenix Mountain, and the countryside of Qinglong Town to worship and worship. He invited the heroes Qingyunlong, Tongchunhe Township officials, and the family of Shu Xiangmei, etc. There are also merchants and neighbors such as his daughter, Gai Feiyan, and his daughter, Gai Feiyan, who sold soy sauce, salt, vinegar and various cooking ingredients that he knew well in Qinglong. He also knows that Tongchunhe is Zaoli, and he knows more about the people in the yamen. He also prepared several unfilled invitations and entrusted them to his eldest brother for disposal.

The second brother, Wang Changde, went to the Fucheng Chenghuang Temple and invited a group of entertainers who played flute and flute, plucked the strings, played cymbals and gongs, and sang music. He often went to the Changsheng Library to open for fun and create a noisy and lively atmosphere. Come.

Huang Qi didn’t touch the ground, and didn’t breathe well. For a while, he pointed to the decorations in the shop, and made it properly neat; for a while, he stood outside the shop and shouted and shot, sweeping the dust, and hanging red… Her younger sister Wang Xinmei takes care of the kitchen and cooks food. Instead of picking things up in the market, she is busy with a spoon and a shovel on the stove, without any spare time. Liu Jinling hired more than a dozen new buddies to build a table cloth field on the empty dam.

People up and down, inside and outside, etc., are really busy, regardless of morning or evening, all to win the joy of the beautiful scenery of Quantan Changsheng Library.

Immediately after everything was ready, when the gong was lifted and the gong was lifted, the village xu drove to the shop with his riding hoofs, rolled his saddle off his horse and tied the pile, strode inside and saw Wang Changyi, he stood up and clasped his fists and said, “Congratulations, brother Wang, I brought you a famous person!” Wang Changyi saw him hungry and thirsty, and hurriedly led him into the living room. After he got off his seat and served tea, he asked, “What kind of character?”

Tong Chunhe replied: “Chengdu County magistrate Li Ziwen, the seventh-rank official, and Gu Jinggui, the commander from the seventh-ranked commander of the Chengdu government, these two adults with Wenyiwu and honest and public service are rarely invited. These are all entrusted to introduce. The good words about your knowledge, sincerity, and kindness and filial piety have passed the ears, and these two officials were invited.”

He said with joy, his face sank suddenly, as if he wanted to say nothing. When Wang Changyi saw this, he said, “My fellow villager, okay, the officialdom is here. But I am not as good as you said…Hey, why are you so cold? Is there something unspeakable, it doesn’t hurt to say it straight. , I feel relieved!”

Tongchunhe straight said, “Okay, I will say. This person is the backer of the rich man Hou Yizheng who came back to town on the day that I talked to you with you, the wicked’upper’—— Jin Guitang, the chief book of Chengdu County Government. I didn’t expect to give him the invitation, but when I was in front of the grandfather of Li County, he was greeted by him and asked about the matter in detail. What to say: “I’m the master Jin of a county, and I’m in charge of business tax money.

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