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Emperor Fu Ji

Emperor Fu Ji (Novel)
Other Name: 覆帝记, Futei

Genre: novel, History
Author: Xian Yuye Xian
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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China has gone through dozens of dynasties for thousands of years and reached the end of Qing Dynasty. During the period, although the entire court was glamorous in appearance, it was actually rotten inside. Many talented people with great ambitions try to turn the tide, intending to reverse the situation that is about to be subverted. Under internal and external troubles, Li Hongzhang recruited talents to build Beiyang. Li Baian came after hearing the news and joined Li Hongzhang’s command. In the battle with the Japanese, the Beiyang Army was finally defeated in the face of fierce enemy fire. Li Baian was commissioned to go overseas to raise orphans of the Beiyang team such as Qin Xiao and Zhou Tong. Now that many years have passed, the four teenagers have grown up.

Free Reading Highlights:
Seeing that no one responded to her, the girl raised her neck and raised her eyebrows. She wanted to walk towards the door of the villa. At this moment, she grabbed her arm from behind with one hand, and said in a harsh tone: “Kate, don’t be so unreasonable. !”

“Let go, William, they didn’t want to come out on their own, so we had to go in by ourselves. Why is this rude? You let me go…” He wanted to turn away the big hand.

Another teenager on the side gently pressed his abdomen with his right hand and turned his back, walked forward and bowed to Li Bai’an and the others, saying, “Sirs, sorry to bother you. My name is Charlie, we are Qin’s classmates…” To be continued, I heard a girl yelling loudly, “Don’t be wild, Kate, we are out!”

A few people in the room followed, and the head of Sheng Silui joked as he walked: “Who am I? It turns out to be Miss Kate? Missy, you haven’t been messing around at school, so you came home again? We? How do you know about home? Is it possible that you can’t follow us after school? Shouldn’t this be your young lady’s worth?”

When Kate saw her coming out, Xingyi’s eyes widened and said: “Are you hard to find? Just inquire it out. Besides, when your classmates come to visit, are you entertaining like that?”

“Classmates are here, we welcome it. But like you do not call the door or report, just barge in so noisy, I think it’s about the same as a barbarian?”

“With the door open, we naturally came in directly, and we also called out?” “Oh? But I didn’t hear you greeting our elders? Is this the way of etiquette in your UK? This is our Chinese It is still unacceptable to come from the country of etiquette.”

“You, you, this is sophistry!” Kate was already a little blushing. “Then you call unreasonable making trouble!” Sheng Silui continued with a smile.

Kate’s lip service is nowhere near Sheng Silui’s sharp-mouthed opponent, and she is about to get angry. Charlie hurriedly said to the side: “Miss Sheng, we are just here to discuss things, we have no other intentions.”

“Then you can’t wait until you return to school the day after tomorrow. You still have to chase to the door. I said Charlie, how did you become a brother…” Charlie’s face was reddish when she said, and she stopped opening her mouth in anguish. .

I only heard Qin Xiao yell: “Shut up!” Seeing the two of them were quiet, they continued: “Charlie, William, Kate, our classmates are visiting, we naturally welcome them. But as soon as they came, they put on a posture of asking the teacher. , Don’t we understand?”

“Qin, we didn’t mean that. In fact, Kate was dissatisfied with the result of the last game and forced us to come over. In fact, I also think it is better to go to school to solve it.” Charlie said.

“What’s the school? Qin Zhou deliberately avoided me when he arrived at school, so he had to come to the house to look for it. Qin, are you scared? Why don’t you always avoid me?”

Qin Xiao has always had a headache for Sheng Silui, who has a clever tongue at home, and even more headaches in the face of this savage Kate.

Li Bai’an and others on the side looked at each other and wondered, what game? Could it be that they were the supporters of the opponent in the game just now, but didn’t you see these people at that time? Is it possible that what happened to the school, how many children did not come back?

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