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Double-faced fox (2020)

Double-faced fox (2020)
Also known as: 双面狐 的海报, 双面狐

Genre: Drama, Love, Fantasy
Wen Zhuo
Release Date:
30 Aug, 2020
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  • Wen Zhuo
  • Jin Youmei
  • Wen Mengyang
  • Yang Yunran
  • Yuan Zhiying

The Yunsheng Dynasty was in chaos, and the emperor married Princess Shengning to Bai Yi, the general of Fulong. Bai Yi moved into the princess mansion and wanted to go to bed with the princess. The princess asked the queen mother to regret the marriage but was rejected. After the examination by the imperial physician, the emperor died of rapid aging, and Bai Yi saw the clues. Cousin, please don’t seduce Bai Yi to betray yourself. Bai Yi concentrates on investigating the cause of the emperor’s death. The princess and King Rui eloped, but Bai Yi kept him upright, so he threatened Bai Yi to move out of the bedroom by suicide. The princess was stabbed by the demon gang.

At a critical moment, Bai Yi rushed to kill the assassin leader to rescue the princess, and the relationship between the two eased. After returning home, the princess found that she was secretive to Bai Yi, so she took the initiative to put the army on the couch. Bai Yi was teased but eventually avoided. The tail fire tiger hijacked the princess, and everyone discovered that Biezhen was the Xinyue Fox who killed the emperor. In the melee, Zhong Zhiyang, the demon descending master, rushed to subdue Biezhen, but Bai Yi killed Weihuohu but died in the arms of the princess. The princess held Bai Yi’s ashes and committed suicide, and did not want to be rescued by a young man. The other party was Bai Yi’s brother who had lost contact since childhood.

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