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Dafan Palace

Dafan Palace (Novel)
Other Name: 大梵宫

Genre: novel, History
Author: Du Anyin
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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Murongxin and Cui Rusu. The story mainly tells: In the eastern capital city where grass is long and ying flies, it is a banquet scene convened by a peaceful majesty, but it is a hidden crisis. The palace is full of crises and everything is ready to go. How will Murong Xin face an unprecedented crisis? He has always been with the emperor in the palace, and who can guess the emperor’s mind?

Free Reading Highlights:
Master Zhiguo left a will before he passed away. Everyone who comes to this world has his destiny and responsibility. Zhixian’s destiny is not to marry a woodcutter, marry and have children, but to assist the virtuous king to stabilize the world and benefit the common people.

After the burial of the master, Zhixian all the way to alms, relying on memory to find the old mountain homeland, things are different, her grandfather and mother have passed away, and the woodcutter Duan Chunyang was also taken away by a Taoist chief and disappeared. Only then did the frustrated Zhixian put aside his love for dust and pursue the Qingzhao mansion where Wang Qi came to the Eastern Capital.

Wang Qi dissipated in the sky, and then it was heard that the newborn child was crying. She flew into the house and saw the newborn child being thrown to the ground, making a thunderous cry. She quickly picked up the child and saw the baby’s forehead. After being knocked to pieces, she yelled at the woman on the bed: “Why did you drop the child on the ground so carelessly? It affects his late fortune!”

Na Qing summoned her to speak for a reason, and hurriedly invited her to have tea and talk carefully. She told the truth that this child was born with a strange appearance and was definitely not a mediocre person.

The well-informed Na Qingzhao ignored the cries and dissuasion of his son’s biological mother in bed, and took out his courtyard to be converted into a “Prajna Temple” to support her.

Time passed. Eighteen years have passed. Zhixian has changed from a young and beautiful young nun to a mature and stable middle-aged nun. She and Na Luoyan are also teachers and mothers, and they have deep emotions.

Her body gradually became ill, either coughing or fainting caused by dizziness.

On Luoyan’s big happy day, she wanted to burn incense and chant sutras to pray for them. After only halfway through the chanting of the Lotus Sutra, she suddenly fainted in the meditation room. When she woke up, she vaguely thought it was Duan Chunyang’s figure shaking in front of her eyes, and she lost her attitude. Cheers with arms outstretched: “Chunyang, you made me find it so hard!”

“Madam, it’s a disciple.” Na Luo Yan in a red robe stepped forward to support her.

Zhixian was so embarrassed that her face was hot, she lay down panting, leaning back on the square pillow of coarse cloth and broken flowers, trying her best to contain her mind, the illusion just now, so no reason! It’s so sweet!

Love is hard to break, she bitterly hides it deeply.

“Then Luo Yan, can you remember the teachings of being a teacher and read Han Feizi’s book well?”

Na Luoyan’s name was taken by Zhixian, which means the invincible King Kong Warrior. Even when she was sick, she didn’t forget her apprentice’s homework. Time does not wait for me. As she gets older, her fear of the passage of time intensifies.

“The disciples would like to obey the instructions of the teacher. The Tao is what all things are, what all things are, and the reason is the text in the things. The reason why all things are the way is the Tao and the reason is also. “

Na Luoyan with lion nose and leopard eyes recites “Han Feizi” smoothly.

At the age of eighteen, he has followed Ah Ye Na Qingzhao to the frontier for many times, and he has cultivated a calm personality and reluctant to speak.

Zhixian nodded with relief. Today’s sages blindly advocate force, do not know how to respect the world, care for the common people, and cause internal and external troubles, one after another, endless battles and countless killings, the people suffer, and the lives are overwhelmed. It is the wise monarch who should come out to dominate the world, end the war, and let All beings live and work in peace and contentment, each has its place, and each has its own residence.

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