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Boss, Don’T Send Me Back!

Boss, Don’T Send Me Back!
Alternative Name: Boss, Don’T Send Me Back!
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Manhua, Romance, Webtoons
Author: N/A
Release: 2020
Status: ongoing

Boss, don’t send me back!A president gossiped to be a homosexual vs a girl pretending to be a robot. But who can give her a hand, she doesn’t want to stay with extremely president anymore.Will the president send her back or fall for the real her?For some people, they can barely earn 10 million yuan all their lives, but for Zhao Hao, it’s nothing but the price of a robot. However, this robot named “Lu Qing” is getting more and more weird… Although it is impeccable in work, why does a robot look strange?

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