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Fall in Love With My King (2020)

Fall in Love With My King (2020)
Also known as: นายพลที่รัก, 将军诺, Jiang Jun Nuo , Jeung Gwan Nok , 將軍諾, General Nuo

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release Date:
Dec 20, 2020
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  • Deng Kai
  • Li Zhiying
  • Cao Jie
  • Wang Kuirong

Assassin bride flirting with a handsome general! He Lian was instructed to marry General Mu Rong, only to steal the thing that matters the most to him. But General Mu Rong found out that the flirty girl who took his breath away was the person who rescued the assassin from his camp and caused him a great deal of embarrassment! What goes around comes around. This time, he finally gets a chance to turn the table. He Lian is good at pretending to be delicate and helpless. How will the general beat her in this round?

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