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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 2 Recap

Gan Tianlei’s situation is not very optimistic. Dean Zhang suggested to take him out for a tour. Yang Xiaolei yelled Xiong Guoliang to Tai Yongfeng. Gan Tianlei awkwardly took Gan Xiao Nuan’s peeled orange and put it into his mouth, while Tai Yongfeng felt that letting Gan Tianlei out was a slapstick. He was the core of Caesar’s case. Xiong Guoliang didn’t deny it, and Tai Yongfeng was shaken in a few words. Chen Sidong and Tan Laosan wanted to find a clever person to sweep the goods in Gandu and take the initiative to attack. They did not forget to stare at Gan Tianlei. If the person who was right with them was Caesar, they would probably contact Gan Tianlei.

Tan Xiaoshuai lives in a caretaker and is at ease. Dean Zhang tells Tai Yongfeng to stimulate Gan Tianlei’s memory. He is no longer suitable to live here for treatment. Yang Xiaolei and Gan Xiao Nuan took Gan Tianlei on their way to their destination. Gan Tianlei was still not used to being called Dad by Gan Xiao Nuan, and Gan Xiao Nuan could only call him Brother Lei. After arriving at the destination, Yang Xiaolei and Gan Xiaonuan were busy filming, but Gan Tianlei spotted the car following them. The car was sent by Xiong Guoliang.

Xiong Guoliang, who caught Liu Fendou at the meeting last night, confessed that there was a brother Zhu who asked him to take a batch of goods. This brother Zhu should be from Tan Xiaoshuai, but the goods are not matched with the goods of the Tan family, but they are the same as those of the Caesars No matter which one it is, there are strange things in it. Coming to Gan Xiaonanding’s homestay, memory fragments flooded again, Gan Tianlei vaguely remembered that he had been here with a girl with long hair.

Chen Sidong went to see Chen Yuet, the lone killer, and asked her to follow Gan Tianlei, instead of alarming the police to find out who in Caesar would contact him again. Gan Xiao Nuan is very worried about Gan Tianlei, when will he recover, she still has a lot of things to ask him, Yang Xiaolei comforted her to wait with her. Gan Xiaonuan asked Yang Xiaolei what he likes Gan Tianlei. Yang Xiaolei sighed. They gathered together in 1999 with the dream of being a policeman. Later Gan Tianlei had a fight with others in a bar to relieve Yang Xiaolei. He was also detained and expelled from the police academy. Gan Tianlei drifted south, and Yang Xiaolei never saw him again.

Gan Tianlei went to buy water and met Che Lizi. Che Lizi was on crutches. Gan Tianlei didn’t seem to know him. Gan Tianlei didn’t know how to scan the code on his mobile phone and quarreled with his boss, and Che Lizi helped him. Yang Xiaolei applied to take Gan Tianlei to her house. Xiong Guoliang felt a little inconvenient, and came to find Tai Yongfeng with a vinegar jar, but Tai Yongfeng agreed in one fell swoop and called for close monitoring.

In the evening, Che Lizi appeared next to Gan Tianlei again. Gan Tianlei noticed that he was following him, and Che Lizi explained that he also lived here. Gan Tianlei did not forget to return the daytime money to him, and became familiar with the fingers on his hand. Che Lizi looked at him thoughtfully. Che Lizi said he came here to sketch. He is a screenwriter. Gan Tianlei’s memory is still a few years ago.

The movies he watched are heroic. Che Lizi recalled that in Mianchuan, the two of them watched the heroic scene together. Gan Tianlei smiled and said that he would be a screenwriter in the future. Gan Tianlei is not sure if Gan Xiao Nuan is her own daughter, Che Lizi must say yes, but his temperament is more boring, Gan Xiao Nuan looks outgoing, but his heart is sensitive, Gan Tianlei looks boring inside. But locked a beast. Gan Tianlei teased him like a fortune teller, Che Lizi smiled, indicating that they are destined to see you again.

Gan Tianlei had only been in Caesars for ten years. How could he almost join the Presbyterian Church, but Gan Tianlei cooperated with the police to kill the Tan family owner, which was a great credit. Xiong Guoliang looked at Yang Xiaolei’s circle of friends, and accidentally found a familiar mark in the picture and quickly called Ma Lie, asking him to bring them back immediately!

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