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Human Emperor System Emperor Xin

Human Emperor System Emperor Xin (Novel)
Other Name: 人皇系统帝辛, Emperor Xin

Genre: novel, history
Author: Situ Qingchen
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Li Qing always felt that his peaceful life was a bit boring but also It’s nothing bad, but when he became the tyrant King Zhou in history, he was really shocked. After all, for Li Qing, he had never thought that one day he could become an emperor before, and He still became a tyrant. Although there were mixed praises and derogations to King Zhou in history, in his eyes this emperor was a stupid tyrant! And because he held the human emperor system in his hand, he turned out to be the person in charge of the destiny of King Zhou. The life after King Zhou was in his mind!

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The storage bag immediately flew into his hand, and then his thoughts just peeked in, a hint of joy flashed in his eyes, and then he restrained the joy, and then said calmly: “Well, barely acceptable, but the Yin family is more than a dozen How can the Wannian family have this thing? If you dare to hide it privately, you have to hide it. Don’t let someone know.”

“The younger generation dare not! How can the younger generation dared to hide it privately? Senior wait a moment! Let the younger generation go and search carefully! The Yin family still has a lot of hidden treasures. After the younger generation is tortured, he will surely be able to ask!”

When Luo Hong heard it, his heart suddenly swelled, and he yelled to express his attitude, then he moved quickly and left the yard.

“Is this panicking? It’s really a poor psychological quality. You want to die and just say that. Can I really kill you?”

Li Qing sneered for a while, then looked down at the storage bag!

Although this storage bag is only the size of a palm, Li Qing just gave it a rough glance, and his heart jumped slightly!

Looking again at this moment, there is still excitement in my heart!

In the space of about ten meters in the storage bag, there are a total of fifty spiritual treasures of various colors!

These spirit treasures, the ones with the lowest value, all have a little human emperor attribute point!

And a higher one, even a good thing worth five points!

Of course, the best magic weapon must be in Yin Tiandi, and Yin Longting, Yin Zhong, Yin Changqing, Yin Ziqing and other weapons treasures are all in Li Qing’s storage bag!

It’s just a pity that the weapons of these people were injured by the Great Demon Wuji Hunyuan Sword, otherwise it should be worth more than five points.

But even so, if all is recycled.

Li Qing calculated it carefully, and immediately said to himself: “Eighty-three o’clock! Eighty-three human emperor attribute points can be recovered!”

“However, it would be a shame if the weapons and armor were also recovered in the past few years.”

Li Qing felt a little agitated when he thought that the eighty-three human emperor attribute points would be received immediately, but when he was about to collect fifty magic treasures, he suddenly frowned and looked at about ten. His weapons, armor, thought to himself.

These ten weapon armors were naturally obtained from Yin Longting, Yin Zhong, Yin Changqing, and Yin Ziqing.

Because these weapons and armors are somewhat damaged, their value is only three or four human emperor attribute points.

But I have to say that these treasures are rare good things.

“In the future, my army will attack the Western Zhou Dynasty, and even go up to the Heavenly Court, the Western Expedition of Buddhism, many generals, soldiers, where do not need all kinds of weapons and magic weapons? I have to accumulate belongings now, otherwise I will be rewarded in the future and I will not be able to produce decent good things. .”

Looking at these ten treasures, Li Qing muttered to herself slowly.

Thinking of this, Li Qing settled down.

At the moment, he directly recovered the remaining forty treasures, and obtained 48 human emperor attribute points, and then took 18 points to restore these ten magic weapons.

Sure enough, the treasures after the restoration are all excellent innate spirit treasures worth five points of human emperor attribute points.

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