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The Legend of the Tiger and the Dragon

The Legend of the Tiger and the Dragon (Novel)
Other Name: 风虎云龙传, Wind Tiger Yunlong Biography

Genre: novel, History
Author: Liu Guojun
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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During the Qing Dynasty, with the decline of imperial power, the lives of the people were much worse than before. Officials were corrupt and regarded the lives of the people as ants. Many capable people rose up to break the rule of the Qing government. A generation of knight Song Yilong was chased and killed by the court, and lost his wife and children in the process of fleeing. When he did not know what to do, he met Taoist Shijiu. Under the guidance of an expert, he went to Mount Tai on his own, with aspirations. The scholars discussed the anti-Qing affairs together.

Free Reading Highlights:
At that time, in the bedroom of the impermanent Taoist chief, there was no air flow. On a low and wide bed, the Taoist Impermanence is sitting still. I saw him with white hair and closed eyes, as if he had stopped breathing, he was solemn and polite. Xingzhen makes tea on a small table, and a small iron-colored pot is placed on a small red clay stove. The pot is shaped like a gourd, which is very different from common pots. At that time, the tea smoke came out from the small hole in the pot, which was clear and pungent. The small table on the other side is burning with fine sandalwood, tea and sandalwood floating in the room, adding to the tranquility of the environment.

On the flower stand in front of the bed, there are three pots of Epiphyllum, each of which varies from three to five, and is slowly opening up unknowingly. When the tea is cooked, the evening flowers are already as big as the mouth of the bowl, and the famous flower that is more than white jade also exudes bursts of fragrance. In the same room with tea incense and sandalwood, people are drunk.

After a while, Xingzhen brought in a clear basin of mountain spring water, washed the tea cup, clamped the waist of the iron-colored gourd with a pair of silver tongs, poured the tea out, and held it in front of the impermanent Taoist chief. When the tea smelled straight to his nostrils, Impermanence Dao took a long breath, slowly opened his eyes, looked at Xingzhen, and smiled happily. Xingzhen knew that this was the Taoist’s appreciation for the good tea he cooked. Very happy. The Taoist Impermanence asked him to come closer, gave a low command, and he came out.

After Xingzhen went out, Wu Chang Daochang stepped out of the bed, reached out to the few times Xingzhen made tea just now, and took out a rectangular box from the dark hole in the wall. The box was about three feet long and five inches wide. It was made of fine agarwood and carved with five delicate dragons, each of which was vividly depicted. The Taoist Impermanence put the box on the bed preciously, and then flipped the glazed lamp in the wall, and the room immediately became dark.

As he ran his hands with the mountain spring water and wiped it clean, he walked to the bed and gently pulled the box away. When he moved his hand, a strange light suddenly broke out of the box, cold as Qiuquan. As bright as a full moon, the room is immediately full of glory. It turned out that what was hidden in the box was a sword, placed on the lining made of black satin, which made it even more dazzling. The impermanent Daoist took it out of the box and placed it on his left palm to examine it carefully.

The sword also had the pattern of five dragons, with gleaming scales, piercing eyes, and extremely delicate. The Taoist Impermanence played for a long time, then took a sword from the wall, replaced the sword clip, and then put the sword on. The sword returned, and the room returned to moderate darkness. The Taoist Impermanence took it and put it in the tent, then turned on the glazed lamp again, and then sat down to taste tea. At this moment, I suddenly heard someone knock on the door.

The Taoist Impermanence won, and Song Yilong pushed the door and walked in front of the Taoist Impermanence. The Taoist Impermanence asked him to sit down in the chair on the left hand side, but Song Yilong walked to the front of the chair, but still stood respectfully. At that time, Xingzhen followed in, holding Song Yilong’s sword in one hand, and the “snatching rope” captured by Song Yilong in the other. Song Yilong told him to put it on the small table. It turned out that after Song Yilong heard the call of Taoist Impermanence, in order to show respect, he handed over the two weapons to Xingzhen.

The Taoist Impermanence soon understood what he meant, and when he saw him standing upright and not sitting, he slowly stood up and said to Song Yilong: “If you don’t want to sit down, how about poor Dao coming to accompany you to the penalty station?” Song Yilong was very embarrassed, so he quickly asked the Taoist impermanence to return to his seat, and he himself sat down in the chair. Xingzhen followed and held a cup of tea to Song Yilong. The Taoist Impermanence said to him: “Go and catch crickets.” He walked out.

After Xingzhen went out, Taoist Wu Chang asked in detail about Song Yilong’s journey along the way, and asked about Liu Hanying’s current situation, and finally talked about the relationship between him and Liu Hanying. Song Yilong had never heard of Liu Hanying’s words before, so after hearing this, he immediately knelt down and greeted the master of peace. In addition to admiring impermanence, he admired the Taoist priest with a more layer of love.

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