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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 42 Recap

Zhang Liqian came to Lingxiao Village to confess to Shao Zi because of the constant pressure from his father Zhang Qihong to marry Tianai. Shao Zi did not understand Zhang Liqian. Zhang Liqian kept suppressing his emotions, and his heart was particularly bitter. Zhang Zhenyu and Zhang Qizheng began to win over shareholders and prepared to fight back against the Zhang Group. Zhang Qizheng wanted Zhang Zhenyu to work step by step to seek justice for himself.

In the face of the menacing Zhang Zhenyu and his son, Zhang Qihong and Zhang Liqian also stopped bleeding for this purpose. They invited Lin Minzhu from the Xu group to eat, but they hit a soft nail. Xia Qin has always worried that Zhao Zimo will be paranoid due to excessive stress, and hopes to take her to the doctor in silence. Zimo finally confessed the identity of the God of Wealth and even cast a spell to prove that Tian Qin thought that everything was too absurd.

In addition, the bluffing of the gods and the constant warnings of the good fortune, if the spell is cast in public, the offender will cancel the license to use the magical implement, and he is speechless. In addition, Sophia unceremoniously teased Zimo under the “assist” of the plague god. All of this made Zhao Zimo feel very embarrassed. In order to keep Tianqin away from Zhang Zhenyu, Zimo looked for Yuelao again. Unexpectedly, the drunk Yuelao couldn’t find his way back to the heaven, and was “ran into a righteousness” by Xiaqin…

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