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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 40 End Recap

Ji Xiaoou suffered severe liver damage, excessive blood loss, and severe infection. He is still in a coma and lying in the intensive care unit unsure of his life or death. Yan Jing waited anxiously in front of the beds in isolation gowns and masks.

In the interrogation room, all the evidence in the ceiling was placed in front of Feng Weixing. Zhao Tinghui asked about the New Year’s Eve. Feng Weixing finally let go. It turned out that he heard Lao Huang and the strict conversation, knowing that strictness is not enough. So first, under the guise of delivering food, I became familiar with the monitoring of the underground garage of the rigorous community. He dug a hole in advance and prepared to blame Little Beauty and Liu Wei.

He also got the wine from one-third of the warehouse. In order to create an alibi for himself, he brought Niya home and gave her sleeping pills. . After that, he hurried out, first removed the license plate, walked the blind road into the strict house, and hid the cleaner’s clothes in the trash can. Everything went well.

It can make people not as good as the sky. That day, Zhan Yu went to look for rigor. Zhan Yu’s appearance disrupted his original plan. He originally planned to forget it today, but at this moment, Zhan Yu opened the door and he Pulling the person into the stairwell, Zhan Yu looked depressed and asked why. From Zhan Yu’s mouth, I learned that Zhan Yu was a drug dealer, and as an undercover policeman, Strict wanted to save him, but he not only betrayed his rigor, but also caused his savior to become addicted to drugs.

Feng Weixing was taken aback. Strict turned out to be a policeman, and his heart was in a mess. At this moment, the wine he brought was drunk by Zhan Yu. After the poison was released, Zhan Yu found that Feng Weixing was here to kill people this time, struggling to be strict. Report. But how could Feng Weixing let him be cruel and smother Zhan Yu with his hands.

This is already the case, and he can only continue to dispose of the corpse according to the original plan. When searching his body later, he accidentally found a rigorous lighter. It was this lighter that gave Feng Weixing the idea of ​​putting blame on others. So he put on sanitation clothes, stuffed Zhan Yu into the trash can he brought, and went downstairs from the blind road. When he was monitored, he rubbed his waist imitating rigorously.

Even in this high-end community, the security would not After investigating the sanitation worker who transported the garbage, Feng Weixing went out of the gate of the community smoothly. Then he used an unlicensed car to pull Zhan Yu’s body to the place where the pit was originally dug. After handling everything, Feng Weixing returned Adjusted the time of the clock at home, and then turned on the playback through the Internet TV, deceiving Niya.

Feng Weixing knew that just a lighter could not convict a serious crime. The next day, he went back to the place where Zhanyu was buried, chopped the body into pieces, divided into several body bags, and threw the bag with the lighter into it. Trash cans in the urban district…

And six years ago, on the day of the arrest operation, Feng Weixing had been following Deng Kun, trying to wait for an opportunity to kill him. At that time, because Deng Kun fired a shot at Yan, he mistakenly thought that Yan was dead, so he unscrupulously communicated with Deng Kun. , Took the opportunity to kill each other. Unexpectedly, Sun Jiayu, who was awake, heard it and exposed his identity, and then had to kill Sun Jiayu.

Since the right shoulder was severely injured, he could only shoot with his left hand. Huang Faxiang did not miss this point. After explaining everything, Feng Weixing asked to see the strict side. Through the glass, Yan looked at the behind-the-scenes man who had been hiding by his side for several years, and then turned and left the interrogation room.

In the end, Feng Weixing was sentenced to death for intentional homicide, taking bribes, and repeatedly providing intelligence to drug cartels. The circumstances were serious and he was sentenced to death and executed immediately. Deprived of political rights for life.

I still have to go to the hospital to take care of Xiao Ou day after day, but Xiao Ou still has no intention of waking up. Zhao Tinghui sent Zhan Yu’s mobile phone. There are some videos recorded by Zhan Yu, which are what he said to Xiao Ou. Watch carefully. The boy on the screen has mixed feelings. Zhan Yu was still young, and he was fooled by the drug cartel for his early worldview. Later, although he had regretted the idea of ​​renewing himself, Feng Weixing did not give him this opportunity, and his good years just withered and withered.

Half a year later, it was another New Year’s Eve, and rigorously took over the year-round, guarding the coffee shop she treasured so much in this place full of Xiaogou breath. Niya also walked out of Feng Weixing’s affairs, and now she is raised by herself. The two children, Lele and Huanhuan, have a very good relationship, which makes her very pleased. After sending away the employees, there was only one rigorous person left in the empty and quiet shop. It was a little lonely.

At this moment, Zhao Tinghui and Lao Cheng came, and the three of them were eating instant noodles while gagging. Xiaoou must have never thought that one day, three People can sit here, chat and eat together. After drinking for three rounds, rigorously sang Xiaoou’s favorite “I Do” under the coaxing of the old Cheng Zhao Tinghui. In a trance, he seemed to see Xiaoou and Zhan Yu, tears could not stop streaming down.

In the hospital, Xiao Ou is still lying on the bed and relying on a ventilator to maintain her life. No one knows when she can wake up, and no one knows whether she can wake up, but rigorously waited until the miracle finally appeared, Xiao Ou He opened his eyes in the hospital. The love between the two of them has passed the test of life and death. In these long years, no matter when and where, rigor will always be her support, just like the wedding vow: regardless of disease, poverty, stay together for life until Death separates them…

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