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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 24 End Recap

Qi Nian took the packaged dessert and fed it to Ji Yanxin, but now that the plot of the comics has come to get married, Ji Yanxin can’t wait to follow up with Qi Nian. When Ji Yanxin woke up and left, Qi Nian hurriedly jumped out of the bed wrapped in a quilt to get the clothes on the sofa. Dabao ran over, and Qi Nian was afraid that he would call Ji Yanxin over. Ji Yanxin couldn’t know how shy she was, but he was natural, and a kiss on his forehead went to make breakfast for his wife.

Grandpa called the children back, but he didn’t expect Pei Yan, who hadn’t been in Ji’s house for more than ten years, to return to his old house. Siqi rode Lu Qingwu around the city for a week, and the two fell into the sea in embarrassment. Lu Qingwu foolishly got it in the wrong direction. The two of them lost their mobile phones and were chased by a dog.

But the daughter-in-law they found had to be spoiled. Pei Yan is called walking Qingwu. It was Xiao Jia who gave himself the evidence of the transaction between Director Xiao and a third party. He privately engraved his seal to trade inside and out without authorization, causing Rongpin to completely turn his face and terminate the contract with him.

Even the painters also sued. He is infringing, this is really the current newspaper. And all this is because Pei Yan and Rongpin executives exchanged messages and voted a lot of Lu Qingwu’s IP, which also protected Lu Qingwu by casting a rat avoidance device. Lu Qingwu promised that he would not give up Si Qi and would definitely stay with him. Qi Nian and Ji Yanxin also came over, and living a good life should be their line. But this marriage also has to line up, they have to attend mom’s wedding first.

When Ji Yanxin learned of his mother’s marriage, he turned and left. He didn’t disagree, but just thought of his father who was harsh to himself. Until the twenty-year-old father left them and left, his faith completely collapsed. He didn’t understand why the man who had always been rational and persistent would act like this. And after losing his goal, he can only live in his current distorted appearance. Qi Nian hugs her husband. In her eyes, this is her most beautiful and precious person. Ji Yanxin now only hopes that his parents can be happy, and one day he can stand in front of his father with Qi Nian.

Ji Qiu woke up drinking the porridge Shao Zui had prepared for him. The delicious taste indicated that Shao Zui’s taste had recovered. Ji Qiu rushed to Shao Zui and sat on his suitcase, claiming that he was going to be his burden, and if he wanted to leave, he would pack and take him away. Shao Zui lowered his head and kissed the “baggage” he had taken care of for so many years, and his vision of traveling together was finally realized.

Qi Nian came to the restaurant with Ji Yanxin, and wanted the boss to make wedding cakes for them. Entering the door, watching his mother and the man sitting back to him share their love selfies, Ji Yanxin’s eyes are full of surprise and helplessness of being deceived. This so-called stepfather is actually his biological father.

My father has been in this place less than ten kilometers away from Ji’s house for so many years, and he left to recover his ex-wife. He has always thought that feelings are cumbersome. He actually gave up everything for love, and became a cook who washes his hands and makes soup, which is incredible to Ji Yanxin. Only when you lose it can you know how to cherish it. The easygoing attitude of my father now speaks for itself.

Si Qi took Lu Qingwu to the bridal shop to accompany her mother to try on the wedding dress. Looking at the beautiful girlfriend in the wedding dress, Si Qi was full of love. Ji Yanxin took his mother in a wedding dress and handed it to his father who hurried over from work. The bride-to-be, Qi Nian, is still in the studio to finish the final chapter. Coming to the bridal shop, Qi Nian put on the wedding dress chosen by Ji Yanxin for her, and opened a postal letter sent to her by the clerk three months ago, with a picture of Qi Nian’s sleeping side face and the sentence ” I want to get married with you”.

Ji Yanxin came to put her on the wedding ring, but he never asked Qi Nian if he wanted to. Mother Pei sent a video in which it was Ji Yanxin’s confession to her in front of her family. If there is no good year, he can also take care of his life. But that kind of life is not alive. Ji Yanxin rushed over with the veil, and finally knelt on one knee, telling Qi Nian his sincerity. Qi Nian said with emotion that I am willing, and the sentence I love you.

Ji Yanxin took Qi Nian to listen to the ringing of the old bell tower. As long as he heard the bell, he would think of Qi Nian. Qi Nian asked Ji Yanxin how long ago he wanted to abduct himself home. Ten years ago, Ji Yanxin, who was still in school, hung a mahogany sign with family harmony on the wall. Qi Nian’s father told him that this was a marriage wall, but wrongly exchanged the wishing card written by his daughter for a good marriage. And that mahogany card has been kept in Ji Yanxin’s collection, perhaps the fate of the two has continued since then.

Qi Nian embraced Ji Yanxin, and she had been thinking about what her male god would be like. But unexpectedly, when he does show up, the feeling of wanting to be with you will make people ignore everything. As long as there is love, each other is right.

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