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Dissociate the demon saint

Dissociate the demon saint (Anime)
Other Name: 解离妖圣

Genres: Anime
China Mainland
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Five hundred years, the demon sage Qitian fought the immortal clan, and finally blew himself up. The three souls and seven souls were scattered in the three realms… Five hundred years later, the mausoleum of the heavenly masters in the human world, the lurking bull, demons, and demon clan, was killed by the immortals. “Ten Feathers” Xiao Yebai, the clan god arresting division, led his troops to an ambush. He thought he would destroy the demon clan’s ambition to resurrect the demon saint.

Unexpectedly, the intern celestial master Lu Xiaotian appeared, and was punished to come to the celestial mausoleum to sweep the floor in the middle of the night? Hungry and greedy, Lu Xiaotian stole the Gongtao, and suddenly jumped on the spot, but accidentally hit and accidentally opened the teleportation array, and the Terror Demon King appeared…

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