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Break Up Battle (2020) 谁先说分手

Break Up Battle
Other Title: 谁先说分手, Shei Xian Shuo Fen Shou, Break Up Battle

Genres: drama, romance
Liu Lu, Machen Yan
Shen Ye, Su lack
Release Date: 
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  • Tan Xiao Fan as Qian Yu
  • Deng Kai as Xia Dong
  • Li Yuan Bing as Jiang Zi
  • Xiang Ao Yu as Nangong Ao Tian
  • Wang Bao Guang as CEO

The story details the process of a couple regaining their love. Qian Yu and Xia Dong have become famous Internet celebrities relying on their beautiful love, but fame and fortune made their love deteriorate,. With the pressure of fans, they constantly argue and raised the question of who will break up first. They both met many people and gradually realized that they still loved each other.

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