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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 18 Recap

Jiang Shuo pretended to be the driver because he drove too hard and almost revealed his stuff. On the road, Young Master Zhang was still talking about the female ghost, but there was only a white cloth on the road. Sheriff Bai was investigating a missing dancing girl case recently. He and Qin Yiheng mentioned casually, and he began to wonder why he suddenly arrested Jiang Shuo. Qin Yiheng did not tell him the reason, but only told him that the next target of Six Fingers is likely to be in the hotel. , Which made Chief Bai’s brows frowned.

Jiang Shuo finally drove the car to Yuan Mansion, but Yuan Muqing, the sweetheart right in front of him, could not recognize him. He rushed upstairs but was stopped by the housekeeper. He had no choice but to get underground. Jiang Shuo thought he was disguising himself. Good enough, who knew Qin Yiheng was seen through the moment he saw Qin Yiheng.

At this time, Yuan Muqing and his father were meeting guests in the Yuanfu Hall. The Japanese who had met with the brother-in-law of the Yuanda Metropolitan Governor came uninvited, which made the Yuanda Governor’s mood not very good. The people present were very respectful to the Yuanda Governor’s. , Zhang Gongzi even touted the Yuanda Governor when Xu Writer presented his autobiography to the Yuanda Governor, which made him feel good.

Of course, Yuan Muqing looked down on Zhang Gongzi’s inconsistent beasts. He wanted to deliberately splash him with water, but he was molested by Zhang Gongzi. The people around him couldn’t see Zhang Gongzi’s usual style. Yuan Muqing, only the Governor of the Yuan Dynasty spoke kindly to Young Master Zhang. Zhang Zong escorted Writer Xu back to the room in a wheelchair. When Jiang Shuo gave him the luggage, he was not in the room. Just as Sergeant Li was passing by, Jiang Shuo had to leave first. On the way, she also met Yuan Muqing, who was anxious. She was yelling at Zhang Zongbao’s actions, and Yuan Muqing’s aunt was comforting her and asked her to accept the fact of the marriage.

When Jiang Shuo heard about Yuan Muqing’s marriage, he almost didn’t hold back and rushed forward to rescue Yuan Muqing, but was stopped by Qin Yiheng who appeared, so he did not expose himself. He was swaying around in the Yuan Mansion and saw someone sneaking in front of a door. When he saw him leaving immediately, Jiang Shuo was going to check it out. When there was a car horn downstairs, Jiang Shuo had to go downstairs to check. The butler saw him a little annoyed and told him to drive away quickly. Jiang Shuo, now the driver, had to admit his life.

The evening banquet finally began. The garden was also dressed up, singing and dancing, and the atmosphere was very good, but Yuan Muqing was full of melancholy. The Governor of Yuan Dynasty always cared about her mood, but Zhang Gongzi never showed up. They had no choice but to Wait a while. When Yuan Muqing was bored, she saw a note at the table. Jiang Shuo asked her to meet in Zhang Zongbao’s room. Without hesitation, she left the table immediately. Standing behind Qin Yiheng was Jiang Shuo, who was posing as a driver. They were all observing the people present. Jiang Shuo planned to go upstairs when Mu Qing had left. At this time, Zhang Zongbao fell down in front of the window of Yuan Muqing Station. floor.

Jiang Shuo failed to take Yuan Muqing away. Everyone rushed upstairs. The Governor of Yuan University almost shot Jiang Shuo. Fortunately, Yuan Muqing blocked him, but everyone gathered the suspicion on Jiang Shuo. After observing Zhang Zongbao’s body, Qin Yiheng asserted that Zhang Zongbao had died before falling down the building. Everyone present was suspected.

Qin Yiheng asked Jiang Shuo to help him solve the case. The Governor of Yuanta finally agreed to him for his daughter. Request. Yuan Muqing would rather become a criminal with Jiang Shuo in order not to let the Governor of Yuan University wrong Jiang Shuo. She wants Jiang Shuo to leave first, but now the top priority is to catch Liu Zhi, otherwise they will all be in danger. In their room, They also found a strange iron nail.

Qin Yiheng summoned all the people attending the banquet and asked them about their actions that day, and then went to Zhang Zongbao’s room to investigate the traces of the crime.

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