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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 28 Recap

Wang Li kept recording evidence of the incident and tried to blackmail Yan Shen 100,000 yuan. Here, Yang Cheng made a major discovery in the investigation of Zhang Guoqiang’s family remittance records. He handed the bank statement in black and white to Zhao Tinghui. The name of Yan Shen was written on the remitter. Zhao Tinghui acted decisively and ordered Yan Shen to be closely watched.

Rigorous came out of the bank and was watched closely by Yang Cheng, and he reported his whereabouts to Zhao Tinghui. Niya accompanies Xiaoou to try the wedding dress. When she learns that Strict has neglected her fiancée because of business matters, she can’t help fighting injustice, but Xiaoou consoles Niya that she doesn’t care.

Here Yan Shen’s mind again echoed the words of Zhang Guoqiang’s wife. Today, it costs 100,000 yuan. How can I deal with this woman? Xiaoou and Niya came to the pre-determined bridal shop. They heard that the designer’s work had won international awards. Niya was full of praise, and even tried a maternity wedding dress personally. Feng Weixing was very pleased. When he talked with Yan Jing on the phone, he asked why Yan Jing hadn’t come. The other party just scribbled something in the store.

Xiaoou came out wearing a wedding dress. Feng Weixing was amazed by Xiaoou at this time. Niya, who had just come out of the fitting room, saw all of this. She was a little lonely, but she still smiled and smiled with Xiaoou in the wedding dress. Take a picture.

Strictly carrying the cash from the bank, rushed to the agreed place, thinking that no one knew his whereabouts, but he did not know that he had been spotted by Zhao Tinghui. The conversation between him and Zhang Guoqiang’s wife was also understood by Zhao Tinghui through the monitoring equipment. Zhao Tinghui, who wanted to buy the recording from the other party, was decisively rejected. Zhao Tinghui knew everything in his heart.

After trying on the wedding dress, Feng Weixing drove Niya to take Xiaoou home. His unusual enthusiasm made Niya more suspicious. She tested Feng Weixing’s attitude towards Xiaoou, but Feng Weixing only insisted that he regarded Xiaoou as his younger sister. .

On Lao Cheng’s side, Huang Faxiang’s interrogation records were all consistent with the case records of the year, and he learned that Zhao Tinghui was also investigating the matter.

Yan Jing came to Yan Shen’s office. Seeing Yan Shen’s heart was upset, she dragged Yan Shen out to relieve her emotions. The two went to the boxing gym and slapped together. The breath in Yan Shen’s heart finally vented and was pleasantly surprised. I found out that my brother also prepared ice cream for himself.

Lao Chenghe stared at the recording equipment on the table, Zhao Tinghui introduced Yan Shen’s money to buy Zhang Guoqiang’s wife Wang Li, and at this time, Yan Shen did not know it.

Strictly and gently looked at my sister, and talked to her about the bit by bit when she was studying, the two brothers and sisters sighed with emotion over the past few years, and said carefully that as long as the brother’s life is safe, there is nothing to ask for.

Zhao Tinghui talked about Zhang Guoqiang’s court reversal of his escape. He suspected that Zhang Guoqiang had not been to the scene of the crime. What made this man change his mind? Just one month after Shen Wuyue’s death, Sun Jiayu died on duty. He looked at Lao Cheng and asked without hurries, whether he could make this choice based on his understanding of rigor.

Niya’s six gods and no masters caught Xiao Ou’s attention. Xiao Ou’s reaction to being concerned about pregnancy was too great, and she could go home to rest. She could only leave with a wry smile. Just after Niya left the shop, Zhao Tinghui, an unexpected guest, actually came. After ordering a few drinks, she started chatting with Xiao Ou. Xiao Ou took the opportunity to ask about the case. Zhao Tinghui said that the police department has a principle of confidentiality and cannot disclose it. He knows Xiaoou now only has disgust in her heart, but calmly said that she would come to see her whenever she has time.

Lao Cheng was flipping through the information on the table. At this time, Yan Shen called. The two agreed to meet at Lao Cheng’s office. After a while, Yan Shen arrived. He was surprised that Yu Zhou Bin was indifferent to him, but did not Keep in mind, she is in a good mood today. She took out the coffee and desserts she brought from the restaurant outside, and while drinking coffee, she told Lao Cheng proudly that she was ready to go to the orphanage to adopt the child, but she found that Lao Cheng seemed to be in a bad mood.

Yes, Lao Cheng just turned down and didn’t do anything, and he clashed on Yan Shen to be responsible to himself and his family in doing things, and deliberately went out to give Yan Shen a chance to see the information on the case on his desk. Be alert and careful. Yan Shen drove away from the police station when he received a call from Lao Cheng and had to leave the law firm in an emergency.

Xiao Ou was very satisfied with the two people’s rearranged home. While sitting on the sofa to rest, he received a text message from Zhao Tinghui. The other party said he wanted to buy a few more cups of coffee. Xiao Ou just said that he was not in the store. Zhao Tinghui could only say another day. go with.

Niya sat on the bed listening to Feng Weixing and her ex-wife’s son Langlang reading a book next door. She couldn’t figure out what she was doing. After Feng Weixing came over, she proposed to get the marriage certificate the next day on a whim, but Feng Weixing changed the subject as always. Niya felt bitter in her heart. Feng Weixing had too many worries. She had a son on one side and Niya who was pregnant on the other. He still had unclear feelings about Xiaoou.

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