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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 26 Recap

Niya shouted disappointment, but sat down, mocking Zhao Tinghui, who didn’t like desserts before, actually ate Yangzhi nectar, and invited him to the Xiaoou wedding next month. Zhao Tinghui left in embarrassment, Xiaoou recalled the past When we were together, I wanted to feed Zhao Tinghui a bite of Yangzhi nectar, but the other party was called away because of work.

In the evening, Zhao Tinghui sent Xiaoou home. Once again lost in the other party’s indecision, he proposed to break up. Zhao Tinghui looked at her leaving behind. Can’t bear it. Now recalling the past, it is still a pain in his heart.

Xiaoou met Feng Weixing during the run. The two of them ran for a while and then stopped to rest. Feng Weixing asked if she was awkward with strictness, and comforted her to look a little away, accidentally mentioning the death of Shen Wuyue. Xiaoou continued to ask about the matter, but Feng Weixing said that Lao Cheng knew more about the past, found a reason to pick up the child, and hurried away.

Strictly took the photo and recalled how painful Shen Wuyue was when he was addicted to drugs, and silently lit it with a lighter. When cleaning up the kitchen, Xiao Ou was still depressed, and rigorously proposed to go to a nearby restaurant that had just opened. Xiao Ou casually agreed. After arriving, rigorously looked at Xiao Ou, who couldn’t stop his mouth, and smiled that the weight loss was in vain.

In the interrogation room of the police station, Lao Cheng stared at Huang Faxiang in front of him, but the other party repeatedly explained that he was not a drug maker, but the police calmly showed him one after another.

In order to make her girlfriend happy, she praised Xiaoou for being beautiful. Xiaoou finally raised his courage and asked about Shen Wuyue. She didn’t understand why Shen Wuyue’s matter was so difficult for Jing to tell her. Is her death related to strictness? ? Strictness couldn’t stand Xiaoou’s slightly tough attitude, and his face was ugly, and he remained silent. Xiaoou left disappointed.

Lao Cheng continued to interrogate Huang Faxiang. Under strong psychological pressure, the other party finally vomited the truth. It turned out that he got the drug formula from Deng Kun and witnessed the whole process of the undercover police being killed that day. The person who shot was not Zhang Guoqiang.

Is actually-rigorous. Old Cheng was shocked and continued to question the details of the crime scene six years ago. Six years ago, Huang Faxiang was just an ordinary worker in the Haishu factory. After researching a new type of drug, Haishu Deng Kun decided to trade in the mountains and he was sent to Hai. Uncle sent water just to witness Uncle Hai being betrayed by people around him. When Deng Kun took people to the drug manufacturing factory, the police arrived.

In a panic to escape, he went into the woods to the west and passed out somehow. When he woke up, he saw strict and The undercover police fought and insisted that the person he saw was indeed strict. After being shot twice by Deng Kun, he fell down. He ran away in a panic and lost his shoes.

At the backstage of the TV station, Yan Shen was putting on make-up, but he was uneasy. After being sober, he happened to see Yan Shen on TV. In the interrogation room, Huang Faxiang said excitedly that he later learned that the court had sentenced Zhang Guoqiang to death, which was an unjust case. It was he who wore Zhang Guoqiang’s shoes, which made the case go against the truth.

During the court trial that year, Zhang Guoqiang confessed to the fact that he killed the undercover policeman. He used a rigorous gun. He said that because of his conscience, he decided to plead guilty and wash away the rigorous capital crimes, and Jing himself was at the scene of the trial.

Huang Faxiang laughed and satirized the police’s incompetence, letting the real murderer escape, and he became a leader in the restaurant industry six years later. The live TV broadcast is still going on, and she calmly talked about the serious consequences that the lawyer will bear after helping the guilty suspect to get rid of the law.

Xiaoou asked Niya when she got married and whether Feng Weixing had any concerns. Niya said that she respected Feng Weixing. As long as there is love, she can do whatever she wants. The topic shifted to the photo. Xiaoou said that she also figured it out. Everyone should have it. In the past, able to understand.

In the interrogation room, Huang Faxiang asked Lao Cheng if he was rigorous? Do you know the real reason why he wants to be an undercover agent? Lao Cheng recalled that a year ago, he called Lao Cheng rigorously and asked him if a suspicious vehicle came to his restaurant, whether there was a drug dealer arrest task and needed his own help. Lao Cheng paused a few words and hung up.

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