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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 25 Recap

Xiaoou’s family heard Zhao Tinghui smash the door, but found that the door could not be opened. Liu Weihong gritted his teeth and asked to see the little beauty. The special police downstairs was still evacuating the crowd. Zhao Tinghui found a crowbar and tried every means to rescue Xiaoou’s family. On the rooftop, the three of them were still in a stalemate and asked about the cause of kk’s death. , Liu Wei denied it, but instead deducted the matter on rigorous body. At this time, rigorous knew that the Ou family was in a deadlock and wanted Lao Cheng to lay down his side to save Ji Xiaoou.

The old Cheng knew the authorities and chose to use the small The beauty steadied Liu Wei and said that she went to the detention center to mention someone. The remaining rigor suddenly asked Duan Ruisheng’s cause of death, wanting to anger the man who had reached a dead end, and told him that the little beauty had been shot this morning, Liu Wei Emotions were out of control, the two fought each other.

The sniper grabbed the right time and pulled the trigger, hitting the back of Liu Wei’s head and successfully killed the target, but the bomb was still counting down, and the EOD team couldn’t get there for a while, so he strictly requested to dismantle the bomb himself. , Deputy Captain Lin had to agree and sent someone to send him the toolbox. Here, Zhao Tinghui also got the chainsaw and rescued Xiaoou’s family.

Strictly open the shell of the bomb and cut the wires like a doomsday gambler. At this time, there are only two and a half minutes left in the countdown. He is playing with a bomb that has killed his life. While talking with Xiaoou, his voice sounds He is very brisk. He is such a person. The more the crisis is, the less he doesn’t want to worry about himself. Xiaoou cried and told rigor that his mother had promised the two people.

Ji Mu couldn’t help but tears in her eyes. In the final countdown time, rigorous pretending to be relaxed and Xiaoou chatted with Xiaoou about the things he usually liked. When asked about white, he seemed to have decided something. His eyes fixed for a few seconds, and the scissors cut one of the white ones. That’s right. He won the bet, and after the alarm was lifted, Strict heard people cheering for him.

After nine deaths, Lao Cheng was relieved and rigorous to stop worrying about the case and quickly went to find a girlfriend. At Xiaoou’s home, the table was full of hearty meals. Ji Mu smiled and answered the phone calls one after another, praising her son-in-law for being brave and courageous, but after sitting at the dinner table, her face suddenly became serious. Be warned that rigorousness must not take this risk anymore. Safety is the most important thing, Xiaoou is the most important thing, rigorous knowing that Ji Mu has accepted herself in her heart and promised with a smile.

Zhao Tinghui took out the photo of Liu Wei to inform the bar lady of Liu Wei’s death, and asked about Liu Wei’s whereabouts on New Year’s Eve last year. The woman recalled carefully and said that Liu Wei was here from 10 o’clock the day before to noon the next day, and was at Zhao Tinghui. The waiter was asked to ask. At the police meeting, everyone was at a loss as to the progress of the case. The two lines between Rigorous and Liu Wei were broken. After careful analysis, Zhao Tinghui decided against all opinions and decided to consider Rigorous as the main suspect to carry out the next work.

Xiaoou’s rigorous marriage plan was put on the agenda, and he began to study how to modify the decoration of the villa. While rigorously cutting the fruit for Xiaoou, he said with a smile that Xiaoou was good to feed. Xiaoou looked through the books on the shelf aimlessly and accidentally found it from a book. She dropped out a photo, picked it up and saw it.

She lied and recalled that she had asked about this girl, but she was rigorously changed the subject at the time. Xiaoou took out her phone and took this photo silently. After finishing the weight loss meal, Xiao Ou invited her to come to the living room to have a meal with a smile. Xiao Ou had no appetite and said that he was too tired and wanted to go home. Sighed after taking out the photos.

On the day when the parents of both parties met, the parents of both parties were very excited. After hearing the two changed their mouths to call their parents, they smiled and took out the gifts they had prepared. Inside the police station, Yang Cheng looked at Zhao Tinghui’s messy office in surprise. Advising him not to focus on work, the two hit it off and went out to eat.

When the parents of both parties had a meal, the atmosphere was lively and harmonious, and the rigor was like getting a treasure. Xiaoou pressed the matter in his heart. Although he was not listless, he firmly looked at the rigor and said that he would always believe in him. Xiaoou still cares about the photos. At this time, the parents of both parties have laughed and discussed about the children after marriage.

After Zhao Tinghui and Yang Cheng had eaten, they slid into the rigorous community. Yang Cheng knew that he was still struggling with the issue of the corpse transportation route, so he had to accompany him to investigate, but Zhao Tinghui was taken as a corpse and carried and pulled, but the final result was right. The case did not help.

Xiaoou and Niya had an appointment to go out shopping, Xiaoou hesitated a few times, but still took out the phone to show Niya the picture. Niya thought it was rigorous and sorry for the girl. Xiaoou just listened and didn’t take it seriously. The two decided to go for dessert, but unexpectedly met Zhao Tinghui.

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