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Eternal Love Rain (2020) 倾世锦鳞谷雨来

Eternal Love Rain (2020)
Other Title: 倾世锦鳞谷雨来, Qing Shi Jin Lin Gu Yu Lai, Eternal Love Rain, Rain in the Jinlin Valley

Genres: drama, Historical, fantasy, romance
Mai Tian
Bai Ning, Chen Zhi Ming (陈岐鸣)
Release Date: 
Nov 28, 2020
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  • He Hua as Su Yinyin
  • Wang Run Ze as Ning Xiurui
  • Zhang Yue Bin as Ning Xiurui (young)
  • Feng Li Jun as Mo Chengfeng
  • Zhu Li Lan as Tang Linlin
  • Liu Rui as Li Qi
  • Liao Yan Long as Ning Xiuren
  • Zhang Bo Yan as Ning Xiuren (young)
  • An Xiao Ge as Li Si
  • Tan Tian Ming as Su Wuquan
  • Lei Da as Mo Qingshan
  • Zhao Gang as General Tang
  • Zi Hong as Mrs. Su
  • Tan Qin Xuan as Xiao Ru
  • Wang Hong Zhe as Luo Li
  • Sun Le as Liu Bao
  • Bai Wen Wu as Mo Xiao
  • Liu Xin as Bai Ding
  • Jie Lei as Xiao Qi
  • Dong Peng Xiang as Zhu Shi
  • Zhang Jing Dong as Ning Mo
  • Tian Nan Nan as Xia Pianruo
  • Ren Qi as Ma Su’er

The story of the second prince of the Dragon tribe, who came to the mortal realm to save the world from drought, but finds out that his lover has turned against the Dragon tribe. He stayed in the mortal realm for five hundred years, trying to find out what he lost.

In order to save human lives, a dragon prince takes on the task of ending the drought. He falls in love with a young woman, yet finds himself stuck on land for 500 years after she goes missing with his inverted dragon scale. Because of a severe drought, the rivers and seas have dried and the people have been suffering. Ning Xiurui is the second prince of the Dragon clan. On his journey to land, he falls in love a young girl from a fishing village and gifts her his inverted dragon scale as a token of their union.

As the drought comes to an end, Ning Xiurui realizes that both the girl and his inverted dragon scale are nowhere to be found. Ning Xiurui learns that the young girl escaped in the middle of the night. Thinking that he has been duped, Ning Xiurui is left to wander the lands because he is unable to return home without his dragon scale.

Five hundred years later just when Ning Xiurui was at the verge of giving up, he suddenly senses his inverted dragon scale. At the same time, a woman named Su Yinyin who looks just like the swindler who fooled him appears once more.

His Royal Highness Ning Xiurui sneaked to the land to play. After encountering a drought that hadn’t happened in a thousand years, Ning Xiurui ignored his father’s instructions and gave the dragon’s treasure, Nilin, to Nilin. Jin’er, a girl from a fishing village, went to ease the epidemic in the village. When he returned to the fishing village again, he found that Nilin and Jin’er had disappeared at the same time. After Nilin was lost, there was an extra layer of barrier on the sea, which made Ning Xiurui unable to return to the sea. He thought that the Dragon King was furious because of this, and he could only drift away on the land to find Nilin.

Five hundred years later, Ning Xiurui, who has become a “university scholar”, finally met Jin’er, who he hated for five hundred years, but she is no longer an orphan Jin’er in the fishing village, but a famous “poor daughter” in the city. “Su Yinyin. After the two met, their situation became dangerous and inseparable. A passionate love affair full of adventure and adventure quietly kicked off between them, and the secret that Ning Xiurui could not return to the sea also surfaced, and there seemed to be a greater bond between the two.

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