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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 31 Recap

When Fang Ning returned home, recalling what Ling Rui said tonight, she couldn’t help wondering how sober Ling Rui was. On the other side, Ling Rui came to the room to see the sleeping Yo-yo. Yo-yo asked in a pure tone whether Ling Rui would be with Fang Ning. Ling Rui looked at Yo-yo and agreed with a smile, and Yo-yo fell asleep in peace. But on the other side, Fang Ning, who hadn’t slept almost all night, struggled, until Tian Guang remembered that he was going to Ling Rui’s house to pick up Yoyo, and Fang Ning instantly became messy again.

Ling Rui saw Fang Ning appearing downstairs at home, but Fang Ning repeatedly did not dare to go upstairs to meet the Ling’s Big Three, but Ling Rui disagreed, and even took Fang Ning home with his own hands. When the two arrived home, Ling Rui grabbed Fang Ning’s hand and presented the news of their reunion to everyone. This sentence caused waves in Ling’s house instantly.

The aunt and Ling’s mother disagreed on the spot, and Ling Rui said in front of everyone that they would become more mature after six years of baptism and cherish each other more. Hearing Ling Rui’s sincere words, Fang Ning was fidgeting on the spot, but couldn’t hide his inner joy, and the people on the other side who originally opposed it were also persuaded to succeed and had to nod their heads in agreement.

Cai Siyu was busy at home rushing to write articles, but encountered a crisis of damage to the faucet, and he could not wait for the property maintenance personnel to appear. Cai Siyu was troubled. When the doorbell rang, Lu Yiyao, the inspiration source of Cai Siyu’s heart and thoughts, appeared in time. Cai Siyu urged Lu Yiyao as a man to repair faucets.

Listening to Cai Siyu’s aggressive approach, Lu Yiyao had to take out his unskilled maintenance tools, but the water that rushed out accidentally soaked Lu Yiyao’s shirt. Cai Siyu heard Lu Yiyao’s wailing and rushed there. Looking at Lu Yiyao’s wet body temptation, Cai Siyu’s inspiration gushed out. Regardless of Lu Yiyao’s dangerous situation, Cai Siyu quickly returned to the computer and started crazy code words. When Cai Siyu finally finished his work and returned to the bathroom, he found that the faucet had resumed work, but Lu Yiyao quietly left…

Lu Youyou was very excited when he discovered that Lu Fangning was with Ling Rui, but Lu Fangning seemed to be not used to Ling Rui’s closeness. Facing Ling Rui’s initiative to sleep in the bedroom together, Fang Ning suddenly became a little at a loss. I nervously prepared two quilts on the bed.

As soon as he saw Ling Rui walk into the bedroom, he pretended to sleep, but when he saw Ling Rui’s face close, Fang Ning’s hands couldn’t help holding on to the quilt, but Ling Rui just gently He left a kiss on Fang Ning’s forehead, and then returned to the other side of the bed. Ling Rui knew that Fang Ning was not used to taking the initiative to attack at this time. , But Ling Rui still held Fang Ning’s hand quietly, and the two felt warmth in their hearts at the same time.

The next day, Fang Ning discovered that Ling Rui had prepared her own breakfast early in the morning. Ling Rui not only took the initiative to prepare her own breakfast this time, but even asked Fang Ning for a kiss. Fang Ning found out that her heart was beating violently. At this moment, Ling Rui was more active than before, and he didn’t know whether he should be surprised or happy. Ling Rui asked about Fang Ning’s business arrangements. When he heard Shen Zhuo’s name, he became jealous again and emphasized that he would also participate in the signing of the park this afternoon.

At the signing site, Fang Ning asked Ling Rui to help check the contract. Ling Rui asked the investor to extend the contract period and compensation for breach of contract. Despite Shen Zhuo’s crazy reminder, Fang Ning insisted on following Ling Rui’s arrangement and signed this. A “deed of sale”. When he walked out of the park, Ling Rui explained to Fang Ning that he did not meet with any blind date arranged by an outsider.

As for the poetry, he was only to meet the request of the aunt, but Fangning still insecurely asked two Whether the person is really getting back together, but Ling Rui said at the moment that he would return to the hospital, and escaped Fang Ning’s inquiry. When he was about to rush back to the hospital, Ling Rui met Gao Erfan. Ling Rui asked whether Gao Erfan appeared in Fang Ning’s work area deliberately, but Gao Erfan pretended to mysteriously avoid Ling Rui’s question. The spark between people is full. But when Galfan returned to the office and looked at the token of love between himself and Lu Yue, another trace of conspiracy flashed in Galfan’s eyes.

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