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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 48 End Recap

The military power of all tribes in the clan was handed over to the imperial court. Only Guo Aian’s military power was still in Hu Nian’s hands. Han Derang also agreed with Longxu’s approach and regained power as soon as possible. However, Yan Yan decided to find other ways to take back the military power of Guo Aian and was unwilling to follow Hu. There were too many conflicts. Later, Xiao Yanyan came to see Hu Nian. Hu Nian had a deep misunderstanding of Yanyan. King Taiping temporarily told her that Guo Ah Nian was her last refuge.

She would never hand it over to anyone. She had already decided to bring her back. north. At this moment, the news that Talan Abo led the country’s Nian soldiers rushed out of the palace and hurt the Lord, and the two hurried to Changmin Palace to see Longxu. Hu Nian was willing to hand over the country’s Nian. Ask Long Xu to let Abo live. After Tan Lan Abo publicly assassinated the Lord, Xiao Yanyan and Long Xu both thought that Hu Nian’s request was extremely absurd, and Hu Nian could not find anyone, so they had to leave first.

Hu Zan rushed to the prison to rescue Tana Lan Abo, who was punished and was almost beheaded. Fortunately, Hu Nian arrived in time. Hu Nian could not hide the secret of his private entry into the prison for long. She hurried away with Tanlan Abo. The soldiers of the country guarded Hu Nian and went out of the city. After receiving the news, Han Dejang ordered Xiao Jixian to pursue the victory and must capture Hu Nian alive, Xiao Yanyan learned After the news, my heart was solemn, and I knew she was really going to lose her big sister Hu Nian this time.

Xiao Jixian’s soldiers were already under the city, and Hu Nian did not expect that Yan Yan would be so eager to kill her. She mobilized the country’s Nian to prepare for the battle. The two armies fought in front of the city. Xiao Jixian’s strength was far beyond Hu Nian’s imagination. For a time, the fighting was so fierce, and the killing shouts rang through the city. Guo Ah Nian was powerless to stop. Hu Nian guarded the city wall and refused to leave, but Gao Liu Let Fuhui take Hu Nian away.

He stayed for Hu Nian to the last moment and lived up to King Taiping’s deathbed entrustment. Hu Nian came to find Talan Abo, but Xiao Jixian’s people were already in the city, and Talan Abo stood in front of Hu Nian in order to save Hu Nian and died in Hu Nian’s arms. Hu Yan was suffering from the death of Tanlan Abo. She promised that Tanlan Abo would live well, but she hated Xiao Yanyan in her heart.

Looking at the soldier talisman in his hand and the relic of Tartlan Abo, Hu Jian was full of vicissitudes of life and sadness. Xiao Yanyan came to see Hu Nian, and Hu Nian no longer had sister affection to Xiao Yanyan. Even if Xiao Yanyan wanted to make peace with Hu Nian, Hu Nian said that she did not have Xiao Yanyan as a sister. For a long time, Hu Yan had always petted Yanyan and let Yanyan, but the king of Taiping, in the black bones, Tatlan Abo died of Yanyan, Xiao Yanyan did not care about family affection, only the world in her eyes, she did not expect Yanyan Will live as it is now.

Yanyan brought up her pressure. She faced the mountain of memorials piled up in the hall. She was trying to save Hu Nian’s life, but Hu Nian did not forgive Yan Yan. She gave the soldier amulet to Yan Yan, thinking that Yan Yan was here now. It’s just for soldiers. In Yanyan’s heart, she still regarded Hu Nian as her own sister. She promised not to let anyone hurt Hu Nian, but Hu Nian coldly claimed that the person who hurt her was Yanyan. She let Yanyan go back in this life. She didn’t want to see Yanyan again.

Han Derang came to see Yanyan, but saw Yanyan asleep at the desk, and the memorials on the table were all about Hu Nian. At this time, Yanyan woke up, and Han De asked Yanyan to make a choice for the sake of everyone. Yanyan was still unwilling to kill Hu Nian. She made a choice in grief to avoid Hu Nian’s death and imprison her in her arms. State, never release.

In the 27th year of the reunification, the empress dowager Xiao Yanyan returned to power and no longer regent. Today, Xiao Yanyan is old and sick, but she still can’t let go of the affairs. Shuanggu persuaded Xiao Yanyan to take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice, but Yanyan was unwilling to drink too much. On the steps. When she was dying, Xiao Yanyan kept talking about Hu Nian in bed, and Han Derang and Longxu’s group of children had been with Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan was not afraid of life and death, but there was one thing she couldn’t worry about. Han Derang understood what Xiao Yanyan was thinking in her heart, and he assured Xiao Yanyan that he would do it for Xiao Yanyan.

In Huaizhou City, Hu Nian was alone holding a wooden sword and dancing in the snow. When the wooden sword was broken, Han Derang appeared in Hu Nian’s sight. Hu Nian knew Han Deran’s intentions, Xiao Yanyan’s body was about to die, Xiao Yanyan was afraid that Long Xu would not be able to restrain her. Han Derang kept Xiao Yanyan behind, Hu Nian really envied Xiao Yanyan, the love of her life, and always treated her sincerely. The two opened their hearts and sat down. Hu Nian mentioned that she wanted to enter the palace on behalf of Yanyan. She always thought that she was thinking about Yanyan, but in fact she was not. Her ambition was no smaller than anyone else.

She had always asked for a woman in charge. Judged herself, she knew in her heart the terrible power of power, and she also thought that if she was in charge of the regency, she would be better than Yanyan in everything. If the Taiping King was in power, Daliao would not reform, and Han Derang would not want to see that Daliao. In this life, Han Deran and Hu Yan and the others have hidden too deeply and too passively, but Yanyan knows exactly what she wants.

This is the difference between them. Hu Nian sighed with the rules of his life, and the only time he indulged, he was completely overwhelmed. However, Xiao Yanyan was self-willed for a lifetime, but she had a life-long wayward power. Today, Handerang came to send her for the last time. She was very grateful to Handeran. Handerang sighed and said that Hu Nian was thinking too much. Yanyan just asked him to tell Hu Nian. In this life, Xiao Yanyan and Hu Nian are sisters, and she is even lucky. .

On Yanyuntai, Yanyan stood for a long time, she looked down at the people of Youzhou, and Han Derang came to Yanyan’s side. In the eighteenth year, Hu Nian took Yanyan back from Yanyuntai. Since then, Yanyan has been deeply involved with the people. The emperor was lonely, and now only Han Deren was left beside Yanyan. The two of them dedicated their lives to Daliao, and they were worthy of Daliao. Being able to accompany Yanyan to accomplish this long-term accomplishment, Hande has no regrets in his heart.

In December 27th, Xiao Yanyan died of illness on the way to Nabo. His son Longxu was the Empress Dowager of Qihua Cheng Tian as his superior name Rui De Shenlue. Fifteen months after Xiao Yanyan passed away, Han Derang died of illness and was buried in Gan. Next to the tomb of Xiao Yanyan, the two have lived up to each other throughout their lives and the world of the Liao Dynasty.

(The ends)

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