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Technology Evolution

Technology Evolution (Novel)
Other Name: 科技进化, Iron Empire

Genre: novel, Science, Fiction
Author: Snail Carrying Home
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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It tells a cool novel about a male protagonist who counters his life after crossing. Xiao Ming died in a test explosion. He traveled through, crossing into a time and space with the dynasty system parallel to the past world. And in this life, he is an unloved prince, even the land allocated to him is so barren, and this also allows him time to study the technology spar he brought. She started to start her own business, researching and researching technology, and farming. In this life, he can be described as leisurely, and the tree is very popular. The achievements he has made make people jealous. There is always a prince who is critical to the people. How should he respond?

Free Reading Highlights:
The sky was gloomy, and the mood of the barbarians in Jinzhou City at that time. Fastest update

In just seven years, the fierce offensive of the Golden Horde against Great Yu has become the current defensive.

Now Wu Shugu deeply regrets that he did not launch a full-scale war against the Great Yu Kingdom after the return of the Western Expedition, otherwise, why should the Golden Horde suffer such suffering now.

“Dataiji, the cavalry has assembled outside the city, ready to attack the army of the Great Yu country.” A barbarian Mrs. Wan said to Wu Shugu.

Beishan and Best also stood at the head of the city, and they looked at the Dayu ** team that was camping outside the city with serious expressions.

Especially Best, now he does not have the indifferentness of the Battle of Pingzhou, but a look of dejection. In fact, he can no longer play any role in this battle.

The advanced level of firearms in Dayu Kingdom exceeded his imagination. Now, in his opinion, it is very foolish to involve Britain in this war in Asia.

“Beshantaiji, the Golden Horde’s advantage is the cavalry. According to the defense of the city, you will only lose more and more. The only suggestion I can give you is to take your cavalry back to the grassland, otherwise it will be a battle. tragedy.”

“Shut up, Best, this is a war between us and the Great Yu Kingdom. Jinzhou is our city and we will not leave it.” Bei Shan frowned. If it weren’t for the British who knew better about muskets, he I really want to throw him to feed the wolf.

Best smiled bitterly and stopped talking. He looked at the army of the army from the opposite side, and his heart became gloomy.

He thought he had to go back and tell the Congress what was happening here in Great Chongqing, which is far from being as weak as the Congress imagined. It is no longer appropriate to pursue a restraint policy now.

Outside the city, observe the hot air balloon being lifted up in the camp for the first time.

When Lu Fei boarded the hot air balloon, they had already understood the situation in Jinzhou City. Unlike Pingzhou City, Jinzhou City is the largest city outside the Guan. The city wall is high and thick, and the scope of the city is similar to the original Qingzhou City. .

“Fortunately, the emperor sent the shells, otherwise this battle would be really difficult to fight.” Lu Fei sighed.

“Indeed, not to mention the walls of Jinzhou City, even the number of soldiers in the city is amazing, but the number of barbarian cavalry doesn’t seem to increase much this time.” Luo Xin said as he looked at the barbarian cavalry assembled outside the city.

Lei Ming knows the Golden Horde well, he said; “The remaining barbarian cavalry are protecting Shengdu, and the barbarians have been defeated repeatedly. I am afraid that the Tian Khan Dolgo will also suffer from the dissatisfaction of other grassland tribes. At this time, he Even less dare to send cavalry from your tribe easily.”

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