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I am a male god in the last days

I am a male god in the last days
Other Name: 我在末世当男神

Genre: novel, Sci-Fi
Author: Jiuyang
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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The main story is that Mo Xie is an ordinary college student. He was born in the countryside and kept his kindness in his heart. Therefore, one night, he found that several people had acted bravely when they bullied a girl. But what he didn’t expect was that because of those powerful and powerful people and the bite of the girl who was rescued, he turned into the person who was provoking trouble and was expelled from the school. Just when he was carrying things and preparing to return to the dormitory, a system found and routined him, bound with him, and brought her to the end of the world…

Free Reading Highlights:
The apocalyptic phones that have been repaired and modified with card reset have many more functions that were not originally available, including the control and operation of brain waves.

After Mo Xie passed the information to the artificial intelligence Xiaobao in the phone, he immediately got a reply from the other party.

“You know the main silver, don’t worry!”


Hearing Xiaobao’s milky answer sounded in his head, he couldn’t help letting out a long sigh.

“Haha, I have seen the situation just now, misunderstandings, all misunderstandings!”

When the thin and tall man saw the little demon and Mo Xie became a little stiff, he hurried out to make a round.

At this moment, all he was thinking of was the little Kungun who could only speak.

After saying this, the tall and thin man turned his head and looked at Mo Xie and asked expectantly: “Classmate, is the red panda on your phone an artificial intelligence?”

Mo Xie groaned for a while and nodded: “You guessed it right, this is indeed artificial intelligence.”

“It turned out to be true, turned out to be true!”

Hearing Mo Xie’s answer, the shoehorn face of the tall and thin man suddenly flushed red.

At this moment, all the live broadcasts and the tricks were all left behind by him.

Even the two companions around him were completely forgotten by him. How could the companions have artificial intelligence important?

Therefore, people’s hobbies are sometimes very scary, because they can make people forget everything and devote themselves to it.

“Classmate, tell me, where did you get this phone and this artificial intelligence? Can I buy one too? Don’t worry about money. No matter how much it is, just say a number.”

He grabbed Mo Xie and started chattering endlessly.


Mo Xie was dumbfounded by the other party.

But for such a person, he actually appreciates it, but he has to break the other’s illusion.

“Sorry, this phone is not for sale, and the artificial intelligence I said may be different from what you think.”

Hearing Mo Xie’s words, the lanky man’s brows frowned.

He didn’t listen to the other words, but he noticed the statement about artificial intelligence.

“Classmate, what you said is different, but why is it different?”

Mo Xie glanced at the little demon secretly, and found that the other party’s attention seemed to be no longer on him, so he put down his position and explained it.

“The little panda in the mobile phone is actually only a weak artificial intelligence. It may be much stronger than the mobile assistants on the market, but it does not have the ability to learn, so it is far from real artificial intelligence. “

Weak artificial intelligence does not have the ability to learn, and cannot think rationally like humans. Despite the term “artificial intelligence”, it is really nothing.

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