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Chenglong Jiao Son-in- law Zhao Feiqing

Chenglong Jiao Son-in- law Zhao Feiqing (Novel)
Other Name: 乘龙佳婿赵飞擎, Chenglong Jiao Son, The Strongest Visiting Scholar

Genre: novel, Sci-Fi
Author: Three Little Pigs
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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The Liberal Arts student Zhao Feiqing did not expect that he would come to this place called ancient times. He was originally a modern person and had a party with everyone when he graduated. , Drinking, drinking, and talking about life. I thought that I would not find a job in my major. I didn’t expect that now I don’t need to look for a job, so he can come to ancient times directly.

Free Reading Highlights:
Su Dingfang nodded, and Madam Su stepped forward to meet Chen Yuhuan, and finally Su Yuxin. When she saw Su Yuxin, Chen Yuhuan suddenly sighed, “Girl, are you Yuxin?”

“Yes, please greet the Taiguo war.”

Chen Yuhuan shook his head, “No, the kid in my family is sorry for you. I know what he has done to you, so you don’t have to, let’s go in and talk.”

Su’s living room!

All the fruit refreshments are the best, and there is a harmonious atmosphere above this hall.

“Zhaohu, do you know where I just went.”

Su Dingfang smiled, “It must have just returned from the palace.”

“Zhaohu knows me.” Chen Yuhuan said with a smile: “That being the case, I must be here, you also know how to give me an attitude, I need such a statement.”

Su Dingfang nodded, “Why do you ask me, if you don’t know my mind, do you still know the old man Zhiwen?”

“Why are you old things like this?” Chen Yuhuan seemed helpless, “If you are willing to change a little, then you will definitely not be where you are today. Everything today is what I did, but you also asked for it. Trouble, why don’t you refuse to adapt and change?”

“If you do your majesty, of course I am willing to change, but Zhiwen, you have to replace it. What do you think the old man should do to you?”

“What if I promise not to replace it?” This may be the last truthful word Chen Yuhuan said. She wished that Su Dingfang could give him the answer she wanted.

However, the result was disappointing after all.

Looking at Su Dingfang, Chen Yuhuan finally nodded, “I have already walked a long way, if I win in the future, I will save your family’s life.”

“You will definitely fail.” Su Dingfang is very firm, “but I can’t protect you, but if you are a hundred years later, on the day of life and death, someone will accompany you to get drunk.”

“Be drunk with me?”

Su Dingfang nodded.

“So, that’s enough!”

Chen Yuhuan left Su Mansion. From her back, the old general could see the pride of a lonely man. His pride will always be like this, whether he is alive or dead, rich or poor.

“see it.”

Su Dingfang was still standing at the door and said to Su Yuxin: “This is your man’s opponent, this is the person who has the highest power in the world. He is terrifying, beyond our imagination, but this time he will lose.”

“Why is my father so sure?”

“Because his opponent is your man, your elder brother, your father, and all the loyal people in the world… His opponent is even more heavenly, which is part of the reincarnation. Hurricane Kuangma…Okay, please prepare, Feiqing should be back soon.”

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