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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 47 Recap

Xiao Yanyan talked to Hu Nian about her plan. She was going to mobilize soldiers from Hu Nian’s side to go south, and Hu Nian would lead the troops. Hu Nian suggested that Tatlan Abo lead the troops. This is where Tatlan Abo’s duty lies. Leading troops is a major issue. Xiao Yanyan only trusts Hu Nian. Hu Nian had to say a word to politely refuse to dispatch troops. Xiao Yanyan turned the subject away and stopped mentioning troops. One thing.

Tan Lan Abo came to Hu Nian account. He didn’t want to go to the south. He was a man slave who could only ride horses on the grassland, and would not lead soldiers at all. Hu Nian laughed at Tatlan Abo too innocent. She hoped that Tatlan Abo would learn to protect herself. As a general, she did not want others to look down on Tatlan Abo. It was also possible to let Tatlan Abo go to the south to perform military service I hope he can be able to protect himself. Tan Lan Abo didn’t expect Hu Nian to think about him in this way. He promised Hu Nian that he would be well protected one day with him. Hu Yan mentioned that she was rescued by Tanlan Abo under the horse’s hoof that day. She is connected with Tanlan Abo’s destiny. From now on, Tanlan Abo will go wherever she goes.

After seeing Hu Nian, Xiao Yanyan kept frowning. She was afraid that Hu Nian would be irrational because of seeing Abo too much. A man asked him to lead soldiers to fight. Yanyan didn’t know where Hu Nian put the affairs of the country. Hande-jang mentioned the true relationship between Hu Nian and Tan Lan Abo, so that Yanyan should not be too worried. Yanyan couldn’t believe that Tanlan Abo, she couldn’t transfer the military power to Tanlan Abo’s hands, so she decided to persuade Hu Nian to return to Beijing with her.

The next day, Yanyan came to see Hu Nian, and Hu Nian paid a courtesy to Yanyan and wanted to know why Yanyan came to her. Yanyan rejected the crowd. She lay on Hu Nian’s bed, as innocent and lively as a little girl, hoping that Hu Nian could go back to Beijing with her. Hu Nian thought of the sisterhood between the two, and she promised Yanyan to return to Beijing, but she had to arrange military affairs in the north first. Yanyan was overjoyed, she decided to go back to Beijing with De Rang first, and wait for Hu Nian’s arrival. A few sporadic conversations between the two were heard outside by Tia Lan Abo, who left with an unhappy face.

Hu Yan urged the Malay Lake to find Tartlan Abo. She lay beside Tartlan Abo and soaked in the sun, and wanted Tartlan Abo to return to Beijing with her. Tartlan Abo is unwilling to go to Beijing. Hu Nian can understand Tartlan Abo. Tartlan Abo is free. The walls of Shangjing are too high for him, so she is unwilling to order Tatlan Abo to be forced.

Half of the soldiers and horses of the country have returned to Beijing with their driving. Xiao Yanyan ordered the three armies to be assembled on the same day and went south with Longxu. In Brother Xiu’s mansion, Xiao Yanyan came to visit Brother Xiu who was seriously ill, and wanted to hear Brother Xiu’s views on her personal conquest. Xiao Yanyan’s move to the south is to regain the two states of Yingmo, and the second is to use war to promote peace and ease the North-South deadlock. Brother Xiu urged Yanyan to follow the situation in the conflict between Yanyan and Yanyan, and he was completely relieved after he knew Yanyan’s plan. Hu Nian was about to go back to Beijing, and Dian Abo came on horseback. Dian Abo was willing to go to Beijing for Hu Nian, which made Hu Nian very happy.

In Chanzhou City, Xiao Darin sacrificed his life before the war. Xiao Yanyan could hardly accept the sad news. She barely managed to stabilize her mind, but there was more than one nightmare. She was sent to Beijing for 800 miles to expedite, and Brother Xiu Dayue has passed away. Darin and Ge Xiu had met before they were alive, and now they are leaving together. The morale of the three armies is greatly reduced, and Daliao is at a disadvantage.

Hande asks Yanyan to stop. Yanyan originally wanted to conquer some counties and then try to negotiate a peace, but the courage of the new Southern Lord was far beyond her imagination. Knowing that Yanyan went south to end the war between the North and the South, Han Deran was very pleased and was willing to support Yan. All actions of Yan.

Zhang Jizhong came to see Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan decided to let Zhang Jizhong go to negotiate a peace. If the Southern Dynasty could agree to her terms, the two dynasties of Liaoning and Southern Liaoning should become brothers. After listening to Xiao Yanyan’s plan, Zhang Jizhong praised Xiao Yanyan and was willing to negotiate a peace for Xiao Yanyan. After more than 20 years of war, an agreement was finally reached in Chanzhou City. For Yu Xiaoyanyan, she ended the war in Liao and Song dynasties for many years, and for Zhang Jizhong, he preserved his loyalty and was called the “Chanyuan League” in history.

Xiao Yanyan and Long Xu returned to the court triumphantly and opened the imperial hall to host a banquet for the officials. Hu Nian accompanied Tana Lan Abo to attend the banquet. She told Tana Lan Abo to be cautious. At the banquet, Xiao Yanyan toasted the first cup of wine for the dead heroes, the second cup of wine for the officials, and the third cup of wine Longxu toasted Hu Nian, thanking Hu Nian for bringing out an iron-blooded army for Daliao.

After the toast, Long Xu wanted to take back the military power in Hu Yan’s hand. This happened to Yanyan’s surprise. Xiao Yanyan dealt with it. She wanted Han Deran to help, but Han Deran supported Long Xu to seize the military power. Bo is Hu Nian embracing the injustice. He spoke rudely at the banquet. Xiao Yanyan was so angry that Tatlan Abo was dragged down to wheeze. Hu Nian had to slap him in public and told him to shut up and shut up.

Ask Xiao Yanyan to let her torture herself. Xiao Yanyan knew that Hu Nian wanted to protect Tantalan Abo more, so she agreed to Hu Nian’s discussion and let Hu Nian personally take the torture. Every time I lashed on Tartlan Abo, it hurts in Hu Nian’s heart. Hu Nian endured tears and cruelly whipped Tartlan Abo, just to protect Tantalan Abo’s life.

Tart Lun Abo hated Yan Yan very much. She first said that she borrowed soldiers, and then deceived Hu Nian back to Beijing with her sisterhood and seized Hu Nian’s military power. Hu Nian asked Tart to hold Abo to keep the courtesy of monarchs and ministers. This is where Beijing is not better than the north. Tatlan Abo wanted to turn against Yanyan. He thought that Hu Nian might not be worse than Yanyan as a king. Hu Nian made Tatlan Abo not nonsense. She had already seen Yanyan’s heart, so she decided to take Tatlan. Abo and Guo Aran returned to the north.

After Yanyan returned to the palace, she scolded Long Xu for mischief, and did not discuss with her about the inclusion of Guo’an. Long Xu uneasily mentioned that Guo Aran had no eyes on him, and now Hu Nian favored Manu, he couldn’t allow Guo Aran to fall into the hands of Manu.

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