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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 43 Recap

Xiao Yanyan apologized to Wu Guli, Wu Guli said that she knew that Yan Yan was right, and the blame was only for picking a man involved in the royal battle. Xiao Yanyan followed Wuguli to the ancestral hall, and some unexpectedly, the ancestral hall actually enshrined the honors of Shizong and Empress Shulu. She was incense, but Wuguli mentioned that Li Hu was a stove, and was made according to the Daliao ancestor. Shouzaozi should inherit the family business. Xiao Yanyan declared a decree to Wuguli and named Li Hu as Emperor Qinshun. Although Wuguli accepted the decree, she was unwilling to accept Xiao Yanyan’s kindness in her heart, nor was she satisfied with this emperor’s decree.

Han Derang came to find Xiao Yanyan. Recently, the clan headed by Hugu has been obstructing the reform of the new system. Xiao Yanyan knew that this force must be suppressed. The two decided to cultivate Xie Zhen and let Xie Zhen replace Hugu. After that, Handrean asked about Wuguli’s reaction. Xiao Yanyan was still kind in the end. She believed that Wuguli would let go of the grudge in her heart, but Handrean did not believe in Wuguli, and he asked Xinning to secretly pay attention to the movement of Wuguli.

Xie Zhen came to see Hu Gu. He asked why Hu Gu had to screw him with the Queen Mother. Hu Gu said that he was unwilling to follow Handerang’s rules. He thought Handerang’s plan was too deep, so Xie Zhen had little contact with Handerang and Hugoda. Rin and a group of people come and go. Xie Zhen didn’t agree with Hu Gu’s point of view. He told Hu Gu to stop being a gunman, and he was going to make an appointment with Xiao Hailan. Xiao Hailan was by Xiao Yanyan’s side all the time, Hu Gu kept Xie Zhen away from Xiao Hailan, where Xie Zhen was willing to listen to Hu Gu’s words, only told Hu Gu not to be nosy.

The Southern Dynasty came violently, and came straight to Youyun Sixteen Prefecture. The officials wanted to abandon Youzhou and end this conquest. Handerang and Xiao Yanyan refused to surrender Youzhou. This time, it was Youzhou. The next time the Southern Dynasties were on the grassland. The invasion of foreign enemies should be the same enemy, Xiao Yanyan asked all the tribes to rectify the soldiers and horses, and go up and south with her and the Lord to defend against the enemy. After the dynasty, Handerang handed over two pamphlets, stating that the food and payment of Xijin and Datong must be delivered to Youzhou as soon as possible, regardless of loss.

At this time, the cabinet sent a letter of urgency. Liu Han’s Li Jiqian came to vote alone. Xiao Yanyan summoned several confidants to ask about the matter, whether he wanted to help Li Jiqian or not. The ministers all admired Li Jiqian a lot. Xiao Yanyan decided to meet Li Jiqian. If he was really an aspiring young talent, she would decide to choose a woman in the clan to marry Li Jiqian. Brother Xiu mentioned the suitable women in the clan for marriage. Among them was Xiao Hailan’s name.

In a hurry, he hurried to see Brother Xiu after the meeting. Brother Xiu thought that the matter between Xiao Hailan and Xie Zhen was only wishful thinking of Xie Zhen. Xie Zhen was very angry. Brother Xiu had to call the Queen Mother to recommend suitable candidates as his duty, but he I hope that Xie Zhen can fight against Xiao Yanyan on his own. He is not a very human person, but the Great King of the South Campus with great achievements.

Xiao Yanyan invited all the clan women to come to the palace to drink tea, and Yeluting also came to the palace. She and Xiao Hailan were old acquaintances. The two had a chat. Xiao Hailan mentioned that Xie Zhen had searched for a brothel, and Yeluting smiled dumbly. Mentioned to Xiao Hailan that Xie Zhen had arrested a child of the clan who had entered the brothel in order to show his sincerity to Xiao Hailan, but Xiao Hailan had no idea. After mentioning Xiao Hailan, Yelv Ting also mentioned the situation in her own family. She was not willing to succumb to her fate to marry someone who did not want to marry. Marrying Liu Jiqian was the best way out for her, and she had to learn about it.

Xiao Yanyan decided to personally select the clan girl. She and Hu Nian saw Yelvting making tea in a hurry not far away. They had a good impression of Yelvting, and they also knew that Yelvting was not in a high position at home, and she suffered hardship. After that, Xiao Yanyan came to the pavilion. She took a sip of milk tea and asked who made the milk tea. Xiao Hailan was afraid that Yan Yan would blame Yeluting. She wanted to blame Yeluting, but Yeluting knelt down and admitted that the milk tea was her. Done. Xiao Yanyan asked about the special features of milk tea. Only then did she know that Yeluting had read Tang history. She had left Yeluting to stay in the palace, and Xiao Hailan should also stay with Yeluting in the palace.

Xie Zhen heard that Xiao Hailan was left in the palace. He clamored to see Xiao Yanyan in the middle of the night, begging Yanyan not to marry Hailan to Li Jiqian. He wanted to ask Xiao Yanyan to marry him and Hailan. Xiao Yanyan asked Xie Zhen to ask Hailan herself, but Hailan rushed out at this moment, saying that she was unwilling to marry Xie Zhen and told Xiao Yanyan not to listen to Xie Zhen’s nonsense. Xiao Yanyan knew the two people’s careful thoughts. She wanted to pull Xie Zhen down and hit the eighty board. Xiao Hailan hurriedly stopped.

Only when she was in a hurry did she confide in her heart, and she was willing to marry Xie Zhen. Xiao Yanyan married Xie Zhen and Xiao Hailan, and they left with joy. Xiao Yanyan left Yelv Ting alone. She again asked Yelv Ting if she would stay away from Daliao and marry Li Jiqian as his wife. Although Yelv Ting was her daughter’s family, she was willing to control the Yinxia Party Department for Daliao and marry Li Jiqian as his wife.

Xiao Yanyan named Li Jiqian the Lord of the Xia, the princess Yicheng Yicheng, and married the princess Yicheng Yicheng with three thousand soldiers. Li Jiqian deeply appreciates Xiao Yanyan and the Lord’s kindness. Later, Xiao Yanyan went to Youzhou by himself. Darin believed that the Southerners were not afraid of the menacing coming. After some discussions, several people formulated a strategy to defeat the enemy and defeated the Southern Dynasty.

Xie Zhen and Hai Lan came to thank you for giving their marriage, Xiao Yanyan told Xie Zhen to learn to be safe in doing things, and Hai Lan had to change her temper. After the two retired, Xiao Yanyan received a letter from Wuguli, who set up a family dinner in Zhao’s mansion and invited Xiao Yanyan to the appointment. The day of the family banquet was also the birthday in Wuwu Class. Princess Ji sent a gift one day in advance. She gave a hip flask.

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