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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 39 Recap

Handerang has made many enemies since returning to Beijing, but he didn’t expect that Li Sier would be hurt. Xiao Yanyan believed that the fault was with her. She shouldn’t have let Handerang return to Beijing. Hande made his heartache because of Li Sier’s illness for many years, and frequently advised him to stay away from right and wrong, if it were not for him, he would not have died here. This matter is not only about Xiao Yanyan’s innocence, but also about Jiangshan Sheji. No matter what Han Deran thinks, she will definitely find out.

When Xiao Yanyan returned to the palace, she could perceive that Han Deran did not believe her. Now, if she wants to investigate this matter thoroughly, she must search the courtyards of the princes and nobles, and she also needs permission from Yelvxian. When she arrived at Yelvxian’s residence, Xiao Yanyan learned that Yelvxian was out for a walk. She stayed in the palace and returned from Yelvxian, but she was surprised to find a woman’s thing on Yelvxian’s bed, so she left the palace without saying a word.

When Xiao Yanyan found out that Yelvxian was holding a bowl, she brought back a court lady, using the expenses of the concubine. She was so angry that she almost fainted. At this moment, Hu Nian came to see Xiao Yanyan. Seeing that Xiao Yanyan had a headache, she quickly summoned Gu Dili to visit. Aunt Dili’s pulse diagnosed Xiao Yanyan just after confinement and did not take care of it in time. He was injured due to overwork and depression.

He prescribed a prescription for Yanyan and asked Yanyan to take care of it. Hu Yan saw that there was something wrong with Yanyan, she dismissed the crowd and asked Yanyan to tell her what was in her heart. In any case, she would stand on Yanyan’s side. Yanyan didn’t want to talk about things in the palace. She could handle it by herself. Hu Yan no longer forced Yanyan to rest. Yanyan leaned tiredly in the arms of her maid Liang, and she felt very deep in her heart. Tired.

Yanyan was sick, and the maid did not invite Ye Luxian, instead she secretly informed Hu Nian that he had visited in the past, and now that there is a lot of gossip about going to Beijing, Hu Nian thinks this is not groundless, she analyzes the current situation and believes that there are various things at present. Someone did it deliberately, in order to get Han Deran to leave Beijing and no longer be able to assist Yanyan, but Yelvxian was seriously ill, and Yanyan’s reputation was damaged, she would naturally be deprived of the right to regency, and the people behind it would also benefit. .

Ye Luxian learned that Yanyan had been busy with political affairs since she returned to the palace. She had already ordered all of them to go to Beijing to search the whereabouts of Qing Ge. Ye Luxian also thought that Li Si’er’s death was too strange, and asked Xiu Ge and Xie Zhen to cooperate with Yan Yan in the search. After Yan Yan’s anger subsided a little, he went to talk with Yan Yan calmly. Xie Zhen was ordered to search Qing Ge. He met Xiao Hailan on the road. Xiao Hailan saw Xie Zhen’s figure with a smile, but when Xie Zhen came to her, her little daughter was unwilling to talk to Xie Zhen.

Xiao Yanyan only found the body of Qing Ge, and Qing Ge died on the day of Li’s murder. Xiao Yanyan knew that someone had used Li’s death to harm her. She had to find out this matter personally, not only to avenge Qing Ge, but also Clean yourself up. Handerang also learned of the death of Brother Qing. He carefully recalled the death of Li Sier, thinking that the murderer’s target was him, and the second rumor after Li Sier’s death was to separate him from Yanyan so that they could no longer track down.

This matter. Previously, Han Dejang’s behavior in the hall was deliberate. He had always believed in Xiao Yanyan’s personality, but at present he was unable to enter the palace to discuss the countermeasures with Xiao Yanyan. Since the murderer wanted to separate him from Xiao Yanyan, he accepted the murderer’s will. Xinning was also sent to keep an eye on Xiyin, this matter must have nothing to do with Xiyin.

Xiao Yanyan was too late to wait for Handejang. She was disappointed in her heart. She thought that Handejean was still suspecting that she had poisoned Li Sier and killed the younger brother. They were afraid that they had already separated from Germany. At the same time, Minister Hu Gu came to see Ye Luxian, and wanted Ye Luxian to take back Xiao Yanyan’s power of regency and hand it over to King Liang. Ye Luxian was furious on the spot.

He and the queen were one body. It was he who handed over the power of regency. At the hands of Xiao Yanyan, no one can talk about Xiao Yanyan. Later, Ye Luxian came to see Xiao Yanyan, Xiao Yanyan bowed to Ye Luxian and avoided three points to Ye Luxian. Ye Luxian wanted Xiao Yanyan to cancel the large-scale search in the city.

This matter was related to the clan, and ministers talked about it. Xiao Yanyan refused. This matter was related to her innocence. Even if Yelvxian knew about it, the world did not know it. She had to find out. When the words fell, Xiao Yanyan asked Yelvxian to return to the palace. She would handle the matter by herself, so she didn’t need to worry about Yelvxian. The two of them had grown from the empress’ love of the past to today’s increase in their lives. Tone.

Hu Xian has found out that the two rumors about going to the capital were from the Zhao Wangfu. The first time Zhao Wangfu did it more obscurely, but the second time it was Wuguli who deliberately mentioned Xiao Yanyan and Li Sier at the party many times. The contradiction between. Hearing that Wu Guli framed Xiao Yanyan in this way, Hu Jian came to Zhao Wang’s Mansion to reprimand Wu Guli, but Wu Guli thought that he was right. Xiao Yanyan loved Handejang and gave Li Sier to death. Wuguli entangled wildly, insisting that it was most likely that Yanyan had bestowed Li Sier to death. Hu Nian couldn’t listen to the words of the black bone, so he left the palace with great anger.

After Hu Nian left, Wu Guli ordered a thorough investigation of the palace, and she wanted to prove to Hu Nian that the rumors did not spread from her house. Xiyin asked about this when she went home at night, Wuguli still yelled injustices repeatedly. The rumors were not spread by her, but Chongjiu, who was serving next to her, staggered. It turned out that the matter was done by Xiyin. Black bones have been kept in the dark.

The next day, Chongjiu tried to sneak out of the mansion, but was stopped by the housekeeper Lazy. She was taken away by Lazy, and she came to beg Wuguli to save Chongjiu, but it was too late when the two arrived One step, Chongjiu is dead. Wu Guli rushed to the study to find Xiyin, and asked why Xiyin had such a heavy hand against Zhongjiu. Xiyin weighed Jiu and colluded with outsiders to steal things. Wuguli didn’t believe it at all, she only knew after the roots. It turned out that Li Sier’s death was related to Xiyin, and everything Hu Nian said was true. Xiyin explained to Wu Guli that he originally only wanted to deal with Handerang, but Li Sier’s death was only an accident.

As for Chongjiu’s death, it was because Chongjiu knew something she shouldn’t know, and she tried to escape from the house. This matter reached Yanyan and Hu Nian’s ears, he would definitely have something wrong, so he could only kill Chongjiu. For so many years, he sacrificed all of this to fight for the sake of Wu Guli and Liu Lishou. He hoped that Wu Gu Li could stand on his side. After all, Wu Gu Li was still on Xiyin’s side. Xiyin promises not to hurt Yanyan and Hu Nian.

Hu Nian has found Brother Lang, the twin sister of the younger brother. The two look similar. If they can’t tell apart after a long time, Hu Nian thinks that the person who gave the wine that day is most likely Lang. They bear the brunt of catching Lan. brother. Zhao Wang’s mansion is being searched, and Wuguli asked about Lange’s disposal, thinking that Lange must never stay. Now that Xiyin is stared at by Yanyan, Wuguli decides that Dai Xiyin will come forward. They must rush to kill Lang before Yanyan.

Hu Nian and Fuhui came to Lang’s residence. She knew Lang was hiding, so she hoped that Lang could take the initiative to come out to see her, and she could protect Lang from death. At this moment, Wu Guli also came to look for Lange. Hu Nian was extremely disappointed with Wu Guli. He did not expect that Wu Guli could not only control Xiyin, but also wanted to help Xiyin deal with her aftermath.

Hu Nian asked Wu Guli to leave, Wu Guli knelt and begged Hu Nian to help them. Hu Nian could no longer allow Xi Yin to mess up like this. At best, she could only help Wu Gu Li save Xi Yin’s life. Hu Nian asked Guiyin to send Wu Guli back to the house, looking at the back of Wu Guli, Hu Nian felt exhausted in his heart. When her mother left, she told her to take care of her younger sisters. Now these two younger sisters. She could no longer control it.

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