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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 28 Recap

Lu Fangning made a phone call to inform everyone that Ling Rui knew of Yo You’s existence. Except for Lu Yiyao, everyone was surprised at Lu Youyou’s existence. Everyone’s guesswork doubled Fang Ning’s troubles. Lu Youyou rushed out to protect the lord, and was instantly caught “favored”.

In the evening, Lu Fangning and Lu Youyou discussed the lost paternal love. Lu Youyou’s cheerful thoughts made Fang Ning feel a lot relaxed, but Lu Youyou’s hot forehead made Lu Fangning nervous. Quickly holding his son to the hospital, Ling Rui, who was informed by Lu Yiyao, looked at Fang Ning’s helplessness, took the opportunity to take Lu Youyou, the two went through the process of seeing a doctor together, Ling Rui watched Fang Ning treat Lu Youyou meticulously Some accidents were taken care of.

When I returned to the ward late at night, I saw Lu Fangning lying next to Lu Youyou asleep. He couldn’t help but get close, but Lu Youyou got up and explained to Ling Rui that Lu Youyou, who was a little devil, had long guessed that Ling Rui was his father. , Listening to the lovely Lu Youyou begging to stay, Ling Rui immediately lost all his guard and defense, and hugged Luyou tightly. And Lu Fangning, who had fallen into “sleep”, also had tears in his eyes.

Tang Ping’s fan meeting started and the mysterious president appeared. It was Ling Rui’s colleague, Bloomberg. Tang Ping saw Bloomberg’s appearance and didn’t know his true identity, but just arranged him in a corner. Tang Ping took photos on her mobile phone and sent them to Bloomberg. Seeing Tang Ping showing concern for her virtual identity on the Internet, Bloomberg still felt extremely warm.

But on the other side, Bloomberg received work urges from colleagues and mistakenly sent work information to Tang Ping. Tang Ping’s true identity was discovered by Tang Ping. Disregarding her image, she chased Bloomberg in high heels, but Tang Ping fell carelessly. Bloomberg had to turn her head back to take care of Tang Ping. Seeing Bloomberg carefully put her high heels back on, Tang Ping realized that Bloomberg seemed to be in front of her. Luminous existence confirms in my heart that Bloomberg is the president of his fan association: Caramel Apple 120.

Cai Siyu was still bored at home worrying about the beginning of the new novel, recalling Lu Yiyao’s reluctance to chase herself a few days ago, even deadlifting and hurting his waist, the inspiration surged in an instant, and he quickly typed and wrote the wonderful beginning. But with the content that began to worry about the process at the beginning, Cai Siyu hesitated looking at Lu Yiyao’s name on the phone.

At night, Lu Fangning discovered that his son Lu Youyou was talking to the doll, fully expressing his expectations and love for Ling Rui. In order to make up for the missing paternal love, Fang Ning took the initiative to make an appointment with Ling Rui. This time he not only apologized to Ling Rui, but also proposed to help Ling Rui and Lu Youyou make up for the relationship. But Ling Rui proposed to let Lu Fangning surrender his custody rights. Lu Fangning, who insisted on not giving up Lu Youyou’s reluctance, proposed to pack Lu Youyou to Ling Rui’s house for a period of time. Ling Rui nodded and agreed.

Lu Youyou came to Ling’s house and quickly won the love of all Ling’s family. The trick-or-treating skills Fang Ning gave Lu Youyou all become a way to show Lu Youyou’s smart and cute side. Lu Youyou, who was beloved by the whole family, succumbed in an instant, and even the least favorite vegetables, as long as Ling Rui personally fed them, Lu Youyou would accept everything. When Lu Youyou Guan Ling Rui called her father by accident, the women of the Ling family looked at Ling Rui with incredulous expressions.

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