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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 27 Recap

After listening to what Ling Rui said, Fang Ning also responded that his number had not changed. On the other side, Shen Zhuo received a call. Hearing that Lu Youyou had escaped from the house, he hurried out of the hospital to look for Lu Youyou’s figure. When he came to the Luming store, Shen Zhuo found Lu Youyou. Aunt Ling Rui, who happened to be visiting the store, saw Lu Youyou and Shen Zhuo.

Hearing the words mentioned by the two, they discovered that Lu Youyou was Lu Fangning’s son, and misunderstood that Shen Zhuo was Lu Youyou. father. When the two returned home, seeing Ling Rui in a good mood, they impulsively told Ling Rui all the things they had seen. Ling Rui’s expression quickly turned from sunny to cloudy, and quickly rushed out of the house.

Ling Rui stood in front of Fang Ning’s house and waited until Shen Zhuo and Lu Youyou appeared. Shen Zhuo introduced Lu Youyou to Ling Rui as his son. Ling Rui held Lu Youyou and asked if Lu Fangning was his mother, Lu Youyou’s. It must have given Ling Rui the last blow, and Ling Rui who had misunderstood had to drag a heavy step away. Even Fang Ning turned a blind eye to the invitation to dinner. Seeing Ling Rui’s absent-minded appearance, Ling Yazhi felt very sorry, and she asked Ling Rui to participate in a blind date to make up for the lack of emotion, but Ling Rui, who had already wandered away from the sky, had no choice but to nod her head and agree.

At the beginning of a new day, Lu Yiyao’s boring life revolves like a nightmare, dreaming about Cai Siyu’s figure every day and night. Lu Yiyao couldn’t bear it anymore and came to Cai Siyu’s house in person. The two talked again until the night six years ago, Lu Yiyao couldn’t help saying that he missed Cai Siyu all the time. Hearing Cai Siyu’s indifference to him, although Lu Yiyao had no idea, he still decided not to follow Cai Siyu. The two went all the way from home to the street. Cai Siyu went to discuss the manuscript with the editor. The washable storm made the editing company more suspicious of Cai Siyu and began to deduct Cai Siyu’s interests in the treaty.

Lu Yiyao, who couldn’t listen any further, came forward to correct the illegal clause between the two and sprayed the editor blood. Even so, Cai Siyu still does not wait to see Lu Yiyao. Following Cai Siyu to the gym, Lu Yiyao watched the coach give Cai Siyu physical guidance and started the crazy jealous mode. Originally, he wanted to use the appearance of a fitness expert to show off in front of Cai Siyu, but he had not waited for Lu Yiyao to lift the iron. , A loud noise from his waist made Lu Yiyao unable to move, so he turned his head to keep a decent smile at Cai Siyu, forbearing

With the sharp pain in the waist, Cai Siyu couldn’t help but smile as he looked at Lu Yiyao who failed to do so. Ling Rui was persuaded by Ling Yazhi to come to the blind date, who knows that this blind date is his gossip couple Yu Shiyi. The two decided to unify their calibre and dispersed after drinking coffee. But Lu Fangning, who happened to be passing by Lu Youyou, saw Ling Rui’s blind date. Ling Rui, who was sitting on both sides of Yu Shiyi, deliberately stayed next to the poetry.

Looking at the appearance of Yu Shiyi and Ling Rui, Lu Youyou remembered the truth of seeing the “Strong CP” on Weibo, and rushed into the cafe, deliberately holding Ling Rui and calling his father. He thought it was Lu Youyou casually. Just kidding, Ling Rui was trying to correct, but Fang Ning was shocked to ask how Lu Youyou knew about this. After hearing Lu Fangning’s shocked tone, Ling Rui realized that Lu Youyou didn’t just scream…

Sending Lu Youyou home, Fang Ning and Ling Rui stood at the door. Ling Rui, who had only learned the truth, asked why Fang Ning kept raising Lu Youyou alone in those days, but also sponsored Ling Rui to go to the research institute for further studies. Although Fang Ning said that he would not disturb Ling Rui, he secretly made the decision already. Ling Rui chose the path. Fang Ning was speechless by Ling Rui’s question, so she had to look at Ling Rui’s furiously leaving figure and was distressed.

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