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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 25 Recap

Six years later, Tang Ping, who was originally a small Internet celebrity, became an actor. Although she was not well-known, Tang Ping still tried her best to climb up. This filming was in the Luming store. In order to get familiar with the environment, Tang Ping was about to go to the store, but accidentally saw the autograph session of the writer Cai Siyu. Tang Ping came to Cai Siyu with her face covered, but she was still spotted on the spot. Tang Ping asked Starting from Cai Siyu’s question about Lu Fangning’s whereabouts, as good friends, neither of them received Fang Ning’s contact. Until now, they can only secretly curse Lu Fangning’s ruthlessness.

On the other side, Lu Fangning raised his son Lu Youyou alone, living abroad. Having never seen his father’s face since he was a child, Lu Youyou was eager to find his father. And it happened that Lu Fangning’s friend Shen Zhuo was busy with the exhibition. He wanted to call Fang Ning back to help, so he grabbed Fang Ning’s weakness: Lu Youyou, capture the thief first, capture the king, and Shen Zhuo first brought Youyou back to familiarity. Fang Ning also had to follow along in the city. Lu Yiyao prepared a residence for Fang Ning, which was Fang Ning’s old apartment, and asked Fang Ning’s plan, but Fang Ning had no intention of staying in the country.

Speaking of Ling Rui, Fang Ning has been exhausted physically and mentally to take care of Lu Youyou over the past few years. With the idea that he doesn’t want to disturb Ling Rui’s work in Germany, after several years, Fang Ning developed her own brand: White Queen. Lu Fangning, who was busy with work, didn’t even bother to carry his son back to Ling Rui. Now that his son is old enough to run around, Lu Fangning decided to find an appropriate time to notify Ling Rui of the “shattering news”. Seeing Fang Ning’s firm expression, Lu Yiyao had nothing to refute.

Fang Ning brought her new brand to find Old Tang Dong, and was about to speak to Old Tang Dong admonishing that she did not need to tell Tang Ping about her return to China, but Tang Ping went straight into the office. After discovering the existence of Lu Fangning, Tang Ping quickly grasped without letting go, and Cai Siyu, who was talking on the phone with Tang Ping, also directly received news of Fang Ning’s return. All the deliberations were in vain, and Lu Fangning had no choice but to admit himself.

Seeing the questioning of the two women in front of him, Lu Fangning noticed that the two of them were very courageous, and quickly turned on the mode of harsh verbal attack. However, Cai Siyu and Tang Ping discovered that Lu Fangning was just a knife-mouthed tofu heart, even if they were abroad, they still cared about them. When asked why Lu Fangning got divorced, Fang Ning still smiled awkwardly. When the two men turned to Ling Rui, Fang Ning quickly pricked up his ears, but the two of them hesitated to talk about Ling Rui’s current situation, Fang Ning. Had no choice but not to mention it.

When Tang Ping came home, she was overjoyed when she thought that she was about to get the opportunity to act as the female number one in Cai Siyu’s new work. She wanted to take a selfie with her new book to post to Moments, but found that slanderous remarks were spreading on the Internet. Tang Ping, who was originally worried, discovered that her anti-triad team was trying to defend herself, and she couldn’t help but feel relieved. Looking at the main anti-triad force with the ID of Caramel Apple 2012, Tang Ping was delighted and grateful.

Fang Ning came to the exhibition venue to investigate. An assistant from the school wanted to dig Fang Ning to his cousin’s company. Fang Ning looked at the very warm classmates in front of him, and said that he had no intention of doing so for the time being. Wanting to find a quiet place temporarily, Fang Ning came out to visit the venue, but unexpectedly heard that the passing female classmate was crazy about the “Doctor Ling” who was speaking in the same venue. Fang Ning, who was originally indifferent, caught sight of Ling Rui’s on the poster.

The name was stunned, staring at the poster in a daze. Fang Ning was about to leave, only to find Ling Rui was chatting with his colleagues, walking in his direction. Fang Ning, who was anxious for a while, could only hide secretly, squinting at the figure Ling Rui was walking by. Seeing her long-lost lover pass by, Fang Ning, who was originally extremely calm, couldn’t help it anymore. The beating heart reminded Fang Ning’s true feelings, but Fang Ning could only keep hiding in order to take care of the overall situation.

Back home, recalling this scene, Fang Ning’s heart has not yet calmed down, worrying about whether Ling Rui will truly accept that she suddenly reappears after years of no news. Fang Ning is not sure of Ling Rui’s reaction, and only full of voice remains. concern.

On the second day, Fang Ning was busy with the exhibition. He first put Lu Youyou into Lu Yiyao’s house, and returned to the school pavilion by himself, worrying about whether he would meet Ling Rui again. Murphy’s law just said it. Come. Ling Rui was surrounded by students asking questions, and the group was about to walk in their own direction. After thinking last night, Fang Ning was not prepared to dodge this time. He mustered up the courage to call out that name, but Ling Rui and his group seemed to be all Didn’t notice Fang Ning’s existence, just walked straight over. Like a joke made by fate, the two passed by again.

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