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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 3 Recap

Zhang Liqian’s mighty and entourage announced that the Lingxiao Hotel would be sealed up. Xianqin was stunned in the summer, and the staff of the Lingxiao Hotel panicked. Zhao Zimo tried to rescue him again. Zhang Liqian saw that Xiaqin’s “Zhao Special Assistance” was not a simple figure. He judged that this game might not be so easy to win, and he asked Lingxiao Hotel to achieve the profit target set by him, otherwise as expected. Seized. Zhang Liqian decided to stay in the presidential suite of the Lingxiao Hotel in order to observe how the staff of the Lingxiao Hotel turned the tide and completed the impossible task.

With all kinds of difficulties and arrogant attitude, the hotel staff were itchy. Xiaqin’s best friend Shao Yufang decided to teach Zhang Liqian a lesson. In order to solve the mystery of the past life, Zhao Zimo returned to the heavenly court and tried his best to stay beside Xiaqin. Xia Qin just half-pushed and half-situ in this way, inexplicably added a special assistant. Xiaqin was so distressed that he couldn’t persuade her father not to end the restaurant business, but desperately tried a way to save the turnover. Unexpectedly, Zhao Zimo succeeded in lobbying Xia Zhiming! Although Xiaqin still doubted Zhao Zimo’s identity, he began to change his mind.

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