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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 46 Recap

Bao Na was worried that Ji Chong was too sad, and went to comfort him. She didn’t expect Ji Chong to be very open-minded and open-minded. She believed that her deeds were to set all three people free. Even if Ji Chong felt pain in her heart, he would let go of his feelings for star picking. The dashing and unrestrained manner deeply attracted Bao Na. Yao Ji came to King Bo and found that King Bo had black blood and only half a year’s life remained. Reaching the stars knows that there is not much time left for King Bo, and hopes to spend the remaining days with King Bo without regrets. The original intention of King Bo, who is unwilling to drag the star, is moved by her true emotions and no longer rejects it. She, the two only want to find the happiness of the former wolf boy star in these days, cherish each other, and spend every sweet moment.

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