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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 27 Recap

Qiao Ya’s mother went to her husband’s former teacher and wanted to ask about the whereabouts of a mysterious person. His mother treated him very unfriendly. Let him stop appearing in front of him in the future. Before leaving, he couldn’t bear it, so he called Qiao Ya’s mother. Tell him if he knows of a Kangweijian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

In order to investigate the case of Su Dake killing his mother, Qiao Nuo came to the house where Su Dake and his mother lived. Qiao Nuo looked around and found a pile of gifts on the ground, as if someone had sent it. He did not discover anything new. Just as he was about to leave, an uncle in white sportswear approached him and mysteriously asked him if he had any new discoveries. Qiao Nuo replied embarrassedly, no. The uncle sighed and rebuked Jonor for being careful. Qiao Nuo knew what the uncle must know as soon as he heard it, so he asked patiently.

Sure enough, the uncle mysteriously told Qiao Nuo that Su Dake had brainwashed the neighbors around him. They all thought Su Dake was a filial child, only he knew that it was not. Because as early as two months ago, she often saw Su Dake going out late at night, leaving her mother alone at home. This proves that Su Dake just wanted to cause trouble to his mother.

At the same time, Li Xuyao ​​also found Su Dake’s former girlfriend Cai Jing for investigation. He learned from Cai Jing that Cai Jing and Su Dake have been getting along very well. They are also very emotional. Cai Jing finds it very interesting to be with Su Dake. He always surprises himself from time to time.

But Su Dake wanted to let himself take care of his mother with him for the rest of his life, which Cai Jing couldn’t accept anyway. Because although Su Dake’s mother was paralyzed in bed. But the mind is very clear. Su Dake’s mother decides everything in the family. From Cai Jing’s speech and behavior, Li Xuyao ​​clearly felt that he and Su Dake’s mother were not friendly.

As Li Xuyao ​​expected. Cai Jing admitted that the reason for his breakup with Su Dake was Su Dake’s mother. And Cai Jing also told Li Xuyao ​​that Su Dake once said that although he is very filial to his mother, the most important thing in a person’s life is his partner. Only his partner can accompany him throughout his life, so Cai Jing believes that in Su Dake’s mind, the most important thing is himself. And Su Dake once told himself that if his mother was not maimed but killed, there would be no such things in the future.

Wei Yutai also found Gao Shu, a staff member of the company responsible for the demolition of Su Dake’s house. From Gao Shu’s mouth, he received the same news as Cai Jing said. Gao Shu said that Su Dake’s family was the most difficult household to demolish. Because although Su Da had no opinion, his mother always disliked the lack of houses or the lack of money, which made many people around him ask for prices. The demolition work is not smooth.

Qiao Nuo received a call from the personnel department of the court and asked him to take the transfer letter to the school to adjust the file. Qiao Nuo was very excited and grateful to the staff of the Personnel Department. The next day, he happily went to Qiaoya School to get a file adjustment letter to adjust his files.

However, he was told that his files had been transferred long ago and the company he joined was Kangweijian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. This is very incomprehensible to Joe Nuo. Entering the court is my sister’s long-time dream. How could she suddenly enter a pharmaceutical company? In order to figure this out, Jonuo came to the address where the company is located.

But the company is long gone. Became a construction site. She inquired about it and learned that the deputy mayor he had rescued had brought the company down and rebuilt it, so she thanked the deputy mayor for the recommendation and asked about the situation by the way. It turned out that the company was cancelled two months ago. Their crimes can be described as endless. Selling counterfeit drugs, money laundering, etc. are all crimes committed by this company.

The Su Dake case is in court again. The uncle in the white sportswear appeared in court to testify that Su Da was suspected of killing his mother. However, Wei Yutai has long been investigating that he had fallen in love with Su Dake’s mother when he was young. But Su Dake’s mother chose someone else. Although the two are not together, the uncle has never given up on Su Dake’s mother. In his mind, Su Dake was guilty from the beginning, because he was the child of Su Dake’s mother and someone else. The uncle Wei Yutai said was speechless, and he himself was not sure whether Su Da really killed his mother.

At this time, Ma Dake’s lover Cai Jing also appeared in court to testify. Li Xuyao ​​asked if Martha would kill his mother for him?

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