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Twisted Fate of Love (2020) 今夕何夕

Twisted Fate of Love (2020)
Other Title: 今夕何夕, Jin Xi He Xi, ภพรักภพพราก

Genres: drama, Historical, romance
Wei Han Tao, Xu Hui Kang, Chen Xiang Juan
 Tencent Video
Release Date:
November 23, 2020
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Yu Zhao Ci (玉昭词) by Shi Jiu (时久)


  • Sun Yi as Dong Yue
  • Jin Han as Feng Xi
  • Tan Jian Ci as Pang Yu
  • Luo Qiu Yun as Zi Yuan / Ming Zhu
  • Yu Cheng En as Dao Le
  • Zhang Zhi Jian as Lu Yuan Tong
  • Hai Ling as Li Yu Rou
  • Wang Xu Dong as Lu Chuan
  • Shen Bao Ping as Fang Yuan
  • Hong Jian Tao as Duke An

Pang Yu and Feng Xi were old friends who cared deeply for each other – one is refined and gentlemanly while the other is exceptionally talented but doesn’t let it show. Because of Dong Yue’s appearance, Pang Yu and Feng Xi eventually have a falling out and turn into enemies. Dong Yue encourages the two men to make peace as they face greater enemies in their efforts to assist Pang Yu to the throne.

During the Da Yin reign, Dongyue, who suffered from the pain of war, returned to the pre-war period in order to prevent the war and protect the people of the world. She and Feng Xi, the “treacherous official” who had no plans to spare, did not know each other. To assassinate and protect Lu Yuantong, the culprit who caused the war, they fought with each other and rescued each other, but they had a secret love. Dongyue is attracted by Feng Xi, but doesn’t agree that he is unscrupulous, and misunderstandings are increasing. Dongyue assassinated Lu Yuantong alone, and Lu Yuantong took the opportunity to start a war. When she discovered that Feng Xi had planned to stop Lu Yuantong, it was too late. Dongyue went back again, determined to believe in Feng Xi, but Feng Xi had forgotten her.

Dongyue tries hard to help Feng Xi find memories, but gives up because Feng Xi gets hurt the more she recalls. She guards Feng Xi as a stranger, but Feng Xi falls in love with her again. In order to realize Dongyue’s desire to stop the war, Feng Xi gave up all his plans and died together with Lu Yuantong. Dongyue did not want to lose Feng Xi, and went back to the past for the third time. After learning the secret of Feng Xi’s identity, Dongyue was dedicated to helping Feng Xi’s family rehabilitate Zhaoxue, but affected by the reversal of time and space, Dongyue’s life was lost.

Feng Xi secretly helped Dongyue renew his life, and the two worked hand in hand to uncover the conspiracy of Lu Yuantong, bear the infamy of “treacherous officials”, and support the three princes of Mingjun ascended the throne. The struggle for power and the fetters of sincerity caused Dongyue and Feng Xi to entangle tightly, and the two went to the battlefield to sweep away the war and return the world to peace. Dongyue finds that Feng Xi has been severely injured for her life and chooses to leave. Feng Xi looked around for the winter moon but couldn’t. Returning to the hermitage where the two met once again, the holly flowers fell, and a figure stood under the tree.

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