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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 6 Recap

Xu Xiulan was besieged by the parents at the blind date corner. The more she wanted to get angry, she directly registered to ask Xu Qingfeng Xingshi to inquire about the crime, and urged him to find a girl to marry as soon as possible.

Xu Xiulan called Lin Jie as soon as she went out and learned that Lin Jie was off today, so she immediately took a taxi to find her at home. Xu Xiulan took Lin Jie to the supermarket to buy ingredients and taught her the secret of being a housewife. Lin Jie admired her and envied Xu Qingfeng for having a good mother like her. Xu Xiulan took the opportunity to match her with Xu Qingfeng, and Lin Jie was ashamed. Blushing, Xu Xiulan reminded her to find out the relationship with Xu Qingfeng as soon as possible.

Xu Xiulan purchased a lot of ingredients and brought Lin Jie to Xu Qingfeng’s apartment, but she forgot to bring the key. She just wanted to call Xu Qingfeng. Guan Yuqing just went home from get off work, and asked Xu Xiulan and Lin Jie to wait at home, Xu Xiulan She didn’t want to wait, so she asked Lin Jie to wash the vegetables with her. Guan Yuqing could only play games nearby to pass the time.

Xu Xiulan and Xu Qingfeng connected via video, asking him to go home for dinner immediately after get off work. Xu Qingfeng saw that Lin Jie was also there and hurriedly packed his things and went home. Guan Yuqing listened to Xu Xiulan’s mouthful of Xu Qingfeng’s daughter-in-law calling Lin Jie. She felt uncomfortable and hurried into the house to do her own affairs. Xu Qingfeng hurried back and invited Guan Yuqing to his house for dinner. Xu Xiulan refused because she had no decent dishes. , Hurriedly pulled Xu Qingfeng and Lin Jie home to cook.

Xu Qingfeng complained that Xu Xiulan shouldn’t take Lin Jie home. Xu Xiulan claimed that Lin Jie was a good wife and mother, much better than Guan Yuqing. Xu Qingfeng was speechless and could only hide in her room to work. Lin Jie quickly made a large table of dishes and asked Xu Qingfeng to come out for dinner. Xu Xiulan lied that someone asked her to mediate and left first, and quietly told Lin Jie to enjoy the world of the two.

Xu Qingfeng persuaded Lin Jie not to be called by his mother in exchange for it. Lin Jie willingly expressed her heart to Xu Qingfeng and admitted that she had liked him for a long time. Xu Qingfeng made all kinds of excuses to shirk and lied that she was tired and didn’t want to eat today. Lin Jie Without being discouraged, she will continue to pursue Xu Qingfeng, not to mention Xu Xiulan’s support.

After Lin Jie left, Xu Qingfeng asked Guan Yuqing to come home for dinner. Seeing her face full of tears, he thought that her mother was making her angry, and repeatedly apologized. Guan Yuqing explained that she had been smoked by pepper. Xu Qingfeng asked Guan Yuqing to come to WeChat In the future, his mother would harass him and notify him in time. Guan Yuqing praised Xu Qingfeng’s girlfriend for being beautiful. Xu Qingfeng explained that they were just colleagues and the mother was wishful thinking. Xu Qingfeng asked Guan Yuqing to eat together. Guan Yuqing politely declined.

Guan Zhenlei specially wore a neat suit and came to the company to look for Li Bei. He also bought a large bouquet of roses. Guan Zhenlei made a stunning appearance and immediately attracted the attention of many female colleagues. Li Bei was very jealous. Guan Zhenlei also bought milk tea for everyone. To everyone’s favor.

Chen Zhijun went home drunk, and Guan Yunyu quickly brought him a glass of lemon honey water to sober up. He revealed to him about his parents decorating the house. Guan Yunyu wanted to give Guan Zhenlei some money for the marriage. Chen Zhijun agreed to give the money, but he couldn’t help but complain. Yongnian Yitong asked Guan Yunyu to concentrate more of his energy at home instead of running to her parents’ house. Guan Yunyu wanted to go out to find a job. Chen Zhijun resolutely refused to do it, boasting that he could support the two of them.

Gao Jianling asked the general practitioners to discuss the location for team building. Some people suggested going to Donghu Port. Lin Jie felt too many people were too messy. Zhang Ran suggested going to the hot spring resort for barbecue. Lin Jie knew Xu Qingfeng didn’t like to eat barbecue, so he objected again. , Gao Jianling recommended a friend’s newly opened survival game club, and everyone responded unanimously. Gao Jianling called and invited Guan Yuqing to join her, but she had no choice but to agree.

Gao Jianling brought general medical staff to the club. Guan Yuqing was late to arrive. She walked out of the car and immediately attracted the attention of many male doctors. Gao Jianling asked Xu Qingfeng to take good care of Guan Yuqing. Zhang Ran came over to greet Guan Yuqing enthusiastically, and asked Xu Qingfeng to take care of Guan Yuqing, and Lin Jie took the initiative to ask for Guan Yuqing to be taken care of.

The coach organized the medical staff to play the CS game. They were divided into two teams to start fighting. Xu Qingfeng and Lin Jie cooperated tacitly and quickly completed the task of the first level. Zhang Ran shot and killed Lin Jie in the back. Lin Jie was forced to quit the game. Gritting his teeth with anger. Xu Qingfeng quickly caught up with Guan Yuqing. The two of them were shuttled in the dense forest, and found that they were still in place, only to realize that they were lost. Because there was no sun on a cloudy day, they could only camp in the woods and wait for rescue.

It was getting darker and darker, Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing did not return to the team for a long time, Zhang Ran, Lin Jie and others came out to look for them. Xu Qingfeng lit a bonfire and talked with Guan Yuqing. Xu Qingfeng persuaded her not to compete with her family. Guan Yuqing smiled bitterly. The night breeze is very cold, Xu Qingfeng suggested that two people rely on each other to keep warm.

Early the next morning, Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing continued on their way. They heard the shouts of colleagues from a distance. They shouted for help. Suddenly Guan Yuqing slipped and sprained her foot. Xu Qingfeng helped her to a clearing and saw her colleagues. We were on the other side of the river. Guan Yuqing used the scope of the gun to signal to the other side. Zhang Ran, Lin Jie and others hurried over to rescue them. Xu Qingfeng hugged Guan Yuqing and left. Lin Jie felt sour when she saw this scene. of.

Xu Xiulan sent Lin Jie red dates and white fungus soup, and asked casually about the relationship between her and Xu Qingfeng. Lin Jie revealed that Dean Gao had matched Xu Qingfeng. The other party was Guan Yuqing. Xu Xiulan didn’t like Guan Yuqing, and Xu Qingfeng absolutely didn’t. She would choose people she didn’t like, and encouraged Lin Jie to pursue Xu Qingfeng with confidence. Xu Xiulan decided to speak to Dean Gao in person.

Guan Zhenlei rented a house in the community he visited a few days ago and asked his parents to move there for three months. He wanted to decorate the house as a wedding room. Liu Shuqi felt that Guan Zhenlei’s approach was improper, but Guan Yongnian didn’t take it seriously. Relatives and friends to visit the newly rented house. Xu Xiulan specially bought gifts to visit Dean Gao. When the two met, she was immediately dumbfounded. Xu Xiulan never expected Dean Gao to be her ex-husband Gao Jianling. She was so angry that she cursed Gao Jianling for a long time.

Qingfeng snatched it away. Gao Jianling hadn’t said that she was Xu Qingfeng’s biological father. Xu Xiulan concealed the scandal of Gao Jianling’s derailment in front of Xu Qingfeng. I didn’t expect him to be so brazen. Gao Jianling and Guo Yan were innocent in every way, Xu Xiulan. Not listening at all, the more she thought about it, the more angry she became, and she fainted on the spot because of her anger.

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